My 2017 Statistics and Analysis

My second year (and first full year) in the game was an auspicious one, with plenty of experimentation and travel.


28 (2016: 20)

12 in San Francisco
8 in a third-tier US city where I was living over the summer
3 during a trip to Guatemala City
3 during a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (including one threesome)
1 during a trip to Argentina
1 during a work trip in Seattle

Notch Sources

All were from online.

24 Tinder
2 Bumble
2 Instagram

I also did 55 daygame approaches, got 9 numbers, had 2 dates, but zero bangs. Clearly, my daygame needs work, but for reasons I’ll outline in a future post, I don’t think daygame works well in San Francisco.

Notch Quality

Disclaimer: I have one of the “harshest” and most accurate rating systems that I know of in the community (nearly ever guy overrates). I’m still working on my full 1-10 rating scale with pictorial evidence, which can serve as reference to the community and hopefully stop the number inflation trend.

One 4.5, five 5s, three 5.5s, seven 6s, four 6.5s, five 7s, and one 7.5.

Average notch rating: 6.03 (2016: 5.725)

I was shooting for better quality this year, and did marginally well, but still wasn’t able to fully get there, mostly because lack of abundance made me reach below my level on occasion.

Unsurprisingly, my average rating in San Francisco was 5.71, meaning that everywhere else I did much better than here. Speaks to the incredible difficulty and low quality of women available in this city.

Conversion Rate (Notches/First Dates)

An important metric that tracks how good my “date game”, as well as my screening, is. Note that this means new notches per each girl I saw, not multiple dates with the same girl.

This was:

53%, or 8/15 while traveling. Surprised this isn’t higher as I was usually pretty clear that I was just visiting, but I’m continually impressed at the number of girls that will waste time going out on dates with a guy passing through and not give it up.

42%, or 8/19 in the third-tier US City.

39%, or 12/31 in San Francisco (including a terrible streak from October to December where I took 11 girls out and closed 1 of them).

Overall, I believe these numbers to be pretty low. This signals that there is still a problem with what I’m doing on dates. This is unfortunate, because I feel that my dates are the thing I’ve worked to improve most this year. More work is needed.

Bucket List Notches

Virgin and minus 10 year age difference

Met an 18-year-old on Tinder, and took a phone call and some Snapchat comfort before she drove an hour out to meet me. On the first date, I took her out for coffee and found out that she was not only a virgin, but hadn’t kissed a guy before. I brought her back to my place and taught her how to kiss and how to give head — it was adorable. For our second meet, I took her virginity, making her orgasm twice through penetration. It was incredible and left me wanting more. She was a sweet, introverted girl and we got along well.

Shorter than 5 feet

Had some of the most passionate sex of my life with a 4’11” Guatemalan girl. Latinas are something special.

Girl with “no hookups” in her online dating profile

Smashed an introverted Thai au pair off of Tinder. She wasn’t a looker (5), but I wanted the bucket list and it ended a five week dry streak. I actually ended up texting her to see if she wanted to come over again, and she turned me down for “not wanting a relationship”. Clever girl.

Threesome and girl in non-open relationship

My spontaneous threesome in Cabo featured a girl who was cheating on her boyfriend. I follow her on Instagram and she continues to post photos of him with captions expressing her undying love. I don’t understand monogamy.

Three girls in three days

At the end of April, I had a pretty incredible streak of three girls in three days. One was a two-date (I had taken her out for coffee the day before, then we grabbed dinner the following night), another I took out to a bar and successfully took home the next night, and the final night I cooked dinner for yet another at my house (after meeting her for five minutes in public upon her request).

Two girls in a day

I followed that streak with a wonderful September 1, where I fucked a 7 after inviting her over for lunch and a 7.5 after inviting her over for dinner. Both were second dates (in the summer I was generally running Blackdragon’s two-date model).

More Fun Stories

Had a date with a 9 and a 9.5. The 9 was a Venezuelan full-time model in Guatemala (pictorial equivalent) and the 9.5 was the legitimate hottest girl in third-tier US city I was living in (pictorial equivalent).  Unfortunately, I didn’t so much as kiss these girls. Either my game just isn’t to that level yet or they had a different image of me online than what I presented in person. Either way, it was a nice preview of what is to come once I improve my game.

Gave a 22-year-old Asian virgin with social anxiety her first kiss. She was literally trembling on the date. I ran good game with tons of comfort, calmed her down, and took her for a walk around the block. “Have you ever kissed a guy?” “No.” “Do you want to?” “Yes.” She had no idea how to kiss and wasn’t coachable. I didn’t contact her again.

Fucked a college student who drove an hour to come see me using fake threesome game on Tinder. Blog post to come… maybe. Not sure if I want to reveal this secret yet.

Fucked a Chinese girl in Seattle using headless+shirtless photo/explicit bio game. She never saw a photo of my face before meeting. Blog post about this type of game to come.

Fucked two girls after inviting them over directly after daytime tea dates. Shattered my perception that you have to take girls out for drinks at night to bang them.

Analysis of My Game in 2017

In 2016, I ran almost straight “DTF pitch” game, where I explicitly invited girls from Tinder over to my house for dinner, then fucked them. While this was fun and minimized my time investment, my game hardly improved, and I knew if I was shooting for quality I had to start taking girls out on dates. I discovered Blackdragon‘s two-date model: a one-hour drinks/coffee date for D1, and an invitation over for dinner for D2. While I still lost a ton of girls between D1 and D2, I believe this was a reason for my slight bump in quality this year.

I experimented with Instagram game. I fucked two girls from cold DMs on Instagram and had dates with many more. My initial impression is that it hasn’t been worth the time I spent on it and the focus on it over the past year from various guys is exaggerated.

I massively improved my date game. At the beginning of the year, I was running too much clown game on dates — talking about myself too much, teasing, laughing, joking. Too high energy. I started recording dates and sending them to a chat group I was in. After careful analysis and feedback I changed my tonality and vibe to be quieter, more questioning, more alpha, but continuing the teasing.

I improved my text game, with the help of feedback from Yohami and others. By the end of the year, I’ve dialed my text game back from rapport-seeking texts and ping texts (a lá Krauser and Tom Torero) to game that I believe works better on American girls: I write less, invest less, and don’t seek rapport.

With the help of Magnum and Blackdragon, I improved my date pitch transition from online, cutting down on my flake percentage. It was 85% in October, and while I haven’t kept good track, I’d wager it’s down to 60%. Instead of getting the girls number, chatting for a while, and then pitching a date, I lock down the date, time, and location of the date immediately on the app, then get her number in case something comes up.

As I traveled to in different cities, I became even more acutely aware that San Francisco is the worst city in the United States for girls, and that living here is truly like being run through a crucible. (I feel like a broken record here, but more on this in a future post).

Finally, during the last three months of the year, I hit a rough patch as I moved back to San Francisco and girls weren’t as easy as where I was living over the summer. I dedicated myself to studying game. I started this blog, sought out new mentors and wings, read and posted on more forums, and got inspiration from RSD, Blackdragon JMULV, and Playing with Fire. December specifically was a breakthrough month, where I really feel like my understanding of women has broken through to a next level, which hopefully translates into a killer 2018.

My next blog post will cover some of how I see my game evolving in 2018.

8 thoughts on “My 2017 Statistics and Analysis

  1. p6968

    I have been following you on reddit for some time, and your posts have really inspired me lately. I just turned 27 and had been despairing, feeling like the window is slamming shut on my casual sex life. Blame the “life ends at 25” meme I guess. I did well with women in college and up to now but I was always stuck in a monogamous LTR and didn’t do anything about it, now all I want is to make up for lost time, rack up a ton of notches, and kill that scarcity mindset for good. I still struggle with feeling like it’s too late. If I had half your numbers I would feel awesome. I’m not as into the 18-22 crowd as others, so maybe this varies, but I’m wondering how much is your age an obstacle for you (vs an asset) in all this, since you mentioned setting it to 27 on tinder? Thanks for the killer reports, really eye-opening stuff.


      1. What Magnum said. Mate, I started this game at age 28. I saw my window closing to bang hot young girls, but the more older guys I meet I realize that’s not true at all. I know so many old guys that absolutely slay.

        My 30s are going to be the best decade of my life. I’m going to be in the best shape of my life, have the best knowledge of game of my life, and be financially secure enough to do whatever I want. Can’t wait!


  2. Magnum

    p6968 – saw your comment on your thought that “life ends at 25”. Maybe that’s true for girls, but I can definitively say for men your peak years for game are mid 30’s or even later. The catch is you need to stay in shape and build your value the full time.

    I’m 43 years old and my best years of game have been the last two years. I only date girls 18 to 25 and they are will say they prefer “men to boys”.

    Don’t despair just keeping going out there and taking action like Pancake and you will get better.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A great breakdown. I look forward to seeing how it goes for you in the new year. Online does not work for me at all, but I’m going to spend time on Instagram. I know you said it didn’t work for you. But it’s something I use for my lifestyle anyway, might as well be more deliberate about it.


    1. >> Online does not work for me at all

      Any idea why? London can be tough if you don’t have the preppy jacked “Chad” look. But it’s a big enough city that I’m convinced anyone can do well if they invest time into their profile.

      Seems like you are doing well enough from social circle or cold approach, so no reason to invest that time unless you absolutely need to!


  4. Timon

    Hey, in your earlier article, you suggested “Go to a random page in the Philippines and add 500 random Filipinos”. Well, I was doing that but after just 30 friend-requests sent, I was logged out of Facebook for unusual activity.
    How do I get past this road-block?


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