My 2018 Statistics and Analysis

For comparison: My 2017 Statistics and Analysis


20 (2017: 28, 2016: 20)

11 in San Francisco
3 in Pittsburgh
2 in Vegas
2 in Bangalore, India
1 in Hawaii
1 in Indianapolis

Notch Sources

16 Tinder
1 Bumble
1 Instagram
1 Fetlife
1 Nightgame Pull

I did nightgame maybe 30 nights this year. I pulled three times and closed once (one girl gave LMR, and the other girl I couldn’t get hard because I had just fucked a girl a couple hours before). I mostly experimented with number farming, but of the 45 nightgame numbers I got (there were actually many more I didn’t keep track of), zero of them panned out for a date.

I did 324 daygame approaches, got 108 numbers, had 9 dates, but for the second year in a row, I had zero notches from daygame.

Overall, outside of online, I had almost zero results for all the effort I put in. There are many external reasons for my lack of closes, but at the end of the day, the responsibility lies with myself.

Notch Quality

Disclaimer: I have one of the “harshest” and most accurate rating systems that I know of in the community (nearly ever guy overrates).

One 5, Three 5.5s, Four 6s, Eight 6.5s, Four 7s, One 7.5

Average notch rating: 6.33 (2017: 6.03, 2016: 5.725)

Looks like my quality is moving up a steady third of a point a year. I expect to top out around a 7 average, as I don’t believe I can possibly improve my looks beyond that of a male 6.5/7 without plastic surgery (as we know, it is impossible for a man to outkick his looksmatch average via cold approach).

Conversion Rate (Notches/First Dates)

An important metric that tracks how good my “date game”, as well as my screening, is. Note that this means new notches per each girl I saw, not multiple dates with the same girl.

67% or 6/9 while traveling (2017: 53%).

44% or 11/25 in San Francisco (2017: 39%)

It’s good to see an improvement from last year, but these numbers are still not where I want them to be. I’ve gotten better at screening, but I don’t think my date game is that much better than it was last year.

Fun Stories

I fucked a pregnant 18-year-old in Indianapolis. She remarked “That was so fun. Is this what it’s supposed to be like?” She had never had good sex in her life. I gave her a lesson on avoiding STDs and sent her on her way. Really enjoyed that interaction.

I diagnosed a girl’s anorexia while cuddling with her in her dorm room. She was 4’11”, 95 pounds, but when I got her clothes off, I noticed a bunch of stretch marks. Turns out she had rapidly lost like 50 pounds in a semester. Afterwards, she texted me that our conversation gave her the strength to tell her roommate and get treatment.

Recurring revenue: I hooked up with two girls that I ended up seeing again in different cities. It pays to keep in contact with girls via social media.

Over the summer, I pulled from nightgame for the first time ever. An off-duty stripper on her last night in town. She had incredible frame and gave ridiculous amounts of LMR. The sex was awful. I think I got the wrong stripper.

I took Amtrak to a small town to bang a single mother. New adventures are one of the ways I keep Tinder fun.

Went to Vegas for the first time. One of the nights, I fucked a girl from Tinder, then went to a club two hours later, pulled a girl, and while waiting outside the club for an Uber, ran into the Tinder girl I had fucked. Naturally, I introduced the two girls and we had a laugh. Vegas is not real life.

I had two girls that wanted to meet up the one night I was in Vancouver. I chose wrong and had a failed date with a Kiwi girl in Vancouver. As soon as it was clear she wasn’t going to hook up with me, I called my backup, had her get out of bed, put clothes on, pick me up from the date location and take me straight back to my AirBnB. Always have a backup plan!

Analysis of My Game in 2018

Satisfying the Notch Hyena

2018 was about expanding from online game. I remember a specific date in late January from Tinder, where I matched this liberal arts, social justice-y 6, and having nothing to do, basically DTF pitched her that night and met her at a local bar. She wasn’t very talkative and there wasn’t really a spark, but as the sex was “pre-ordained”, I invited her back anyway. When I went to put the condom on to fuck her, I lost my erection. I realized that I wasn’t even attracted to this girl — why was I trying to bang her? After she left, I took the night to reflect on what it was I really wanted.

That was the beginning of the end for the Tinder notch hyena. As of now, I can say it’s pretty much satisfied. I let Tinder plus lapse at the beginning of the summer and haven’t bought it again. With pay-to-play becoming more of a trend on Tinder, as well as massively increased male competition, the playing field is again leveled and I have a tough time even matching girls I’m actually attracted to.

With all this in mind, I began to invest in daygame and nightgame cold approach as possible markets I could play to niches in and shoot above my level.

Unfortunately, the learning curve for these is much steeper than online game. I got two nightgame lays and zero daygame lays in 2018, despite my efforts.

Overall, I think I have calmed the notch hyena. I am no longer going after notches, but instead after consistency (ongoing casual relationships) and quality.


I feel like I am close to becoming an expert on texting. I used to have questions about how to respond to every little text a girl sent, now I’m only stumped a half dozen times a year.

I have truly mastered online game. There is no aspect of online game I cannot speak confidently about. I know exactly what is required to achieve complete success with online game — the only question mark is execution.

New Techniques

I learned the following new technical game techniques in 2018. I am not an expert at any of them yet, but I use them at least some of the time now:

  • Open loops
  • Compliance ladders (hoops)
  • Recognizing social and sexual hook points
  • Qualification (“I have standards”)
  • Laser eye contact


The biggest breakthrough I made in 2018 was that of image. I realized that my game had improved to the point where my image was actually my limiting factor. Interestingly, I predicted this back in January of last year in the post: How My Game Will — or Won’t — Evolve in 2018.

The most impactful quote from that article: “I will reach a point in 2018 where I cannot get to where I want to be without changing my lifestyle.”

It is now January 2019, and I have reached that point, but I have not made any significant changes to my lifestyle and image. As such, I have not truly begun to attract the types of girls I want to attract.

2019 will be about grappling with that fact.

I’ve had some very productive conversations with Sonny Arvado about how I can overhaul my image to attract the girls I want to attract, of which I will be going into more detail in my next blog post.

13 thoughts on “My 2018 Statistics and Analysis

  1. Well done! Esp. in LV – I am there every year for 3-4 days, and I can don’t even match on Tinder there. I was ready to write Tindering in Las Vegas off completely until I read your post.


  2. happyhappyjoyjoysit

    You have online success with women who seek casual sex. But daygame doesn’t find these women. Similarly, nightgame found one woman who wanted to get drunk and screw. But nightgame numbers are worthless, because women don’t seek dates at night.

    Are you finally suspecting that JMULV lies? Paul Janka would text-blast 60 women at once. But JMULV doesn’t even notice that nightgame numbers have low yields?! Maybe JMULV locks down a few bars and nightclubs where he regularly pulls. But then why would he deal with the frustration of texting hundreds and thousands of low-yield numbers, struggling to remember the women? It makes no sense.


    1. JMULV’s theories about short interactions and nightgame numbers are bogus, as far as I can tell. He is the only guy in the game that is a proponent of this method and everyone else I can find disagrees with it.

      It was definitely a “I WANT TO BELIEVE” sort of thing for me this year, and I’m glad I put it to the test and disproved it.


      1. happyhappyjoyjoysit

        What are JMULV’s theories about short interactions? Janka had short daygame interactions, but was tall and good-looking in Manhattan, with enormous numbers. The London Daygamers have many short interactions, but they specialize in tourists.

        I’m glad you proved that JMULV’s theories are wrong (about nightgame numbers). I might believe him if he had a niche (Thailand, Spring Break beach bars, Vegas nightclubs, online). But I knew he was lying because of collecting nightgame numbers, in addition to banal advice, 800+ notches, arrest, Efficient Pickup tragedy, and all Krauser’s reasons.


  3. happyhappyjoyjoysit

    JMULV routinely tells women he is a famous DJ or whatever. He laughs about lying to SA women about wiring money. He lies to men too:

    “he claimed he was meeting some girls from Tinder that he actually met from SA.”

    That is three clear-cut, documented types of lies, intentionally repeated many times to three different audiences (nightclub women, online women, men) to sociopathically manipulate them.

    “If you pay a girl $80 for a sitter so she can come directly to your place, is it different than spending $80 on drinks?”

    Yes, when she keeps the money and doesn’t show up (Redsky video)! Redsky also exposed JMULV for paying hookers. You disproved JMULV’s theories. Nobody can use bad theories to accumulate laycounts of 50 in 60 days, 150-200+ per year, 1,000 lifetime.

    JMULV is merely one of the most audacious liars in an industry of frauds. Consider his arrest and association with Efficient Pickup rapists, and ask why you would begin to believe anything this compulsive liar/criminal/bad-theorist says?


  4. happyhappyjoyjoysit

    JMULV claims he went to a strip club the night before bootcamp and hit numbers 1,000 and 1,0001 in a menage a trois with two perfect 10’s, and then hit numbers 1,002 and 1,003 during the bootcamp. That is beyond cliche. How would you regard JMULV if he made no claims, or claimed 10-20 per year? In other words, are you basing your support mainly on the hyperbolic claims of a proven liar?

    Ironically, I can’t even find where to sign up for JMULV’s bootcamp.


  5. happyhappyjoyjoysit

    Let me put it another way – what evidence would convince you that JMULV is phony? What if, like Wilt Chamberlain at age 55, he claimed 20,000 lifetime notches?

    Another professional PUA (whom you respect) also reports ridiculous numbers. He blogged about scoring on a road trip, when I know he was driving most of that day. He drove into that strange city with no planning, no contacts, and little money, and left the next day. I don’t believe it. Combined with other suspicious information, this taints all his claims.

    In contrast, Sonny Arvado is credible. He is buff, and exploits sleazy tourist venues in Vegas. One of his interviews was particularly credible.


  6. Pingback: 2018 review –,myself&I

  7. happyhappyjoyjoysit

    Krauser’s blog is ripping apart BlackDragon for remarrying while paying Sugar Babies $150 for 15-20 minutes of sex. Also, I have private information about the lies of the camera guy PUA.


  8. Fidelio

    What are the lies of the camera PUA? Is that Goldmund Unleashed? He’s not technically a PUA. Seems pretty legit to me, just bangs alt/arty girls, he seems to bang at or below his looks level but maybe thats what he likes. He knows his market. he’s not trying to bang club girls as he couldn’t without LMS. He’s running lifestyle game.


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