Mentors and Inspirations

I see a lot of guys fall into the trap of just picking one guru/school of thought and running with it. Every guru has blind spots, and most have things they’re just plain wrong about. To obviate this, choose many, but take away only what they’re best at.

I am the culmination of the following gurus and resources. I can’t promise you’ll identify with all of them, but they definitely worked for me and how I think and learn:


Blackdragon – retention/non-monogamy
JMULV – objection handling/date stacking/straight line persuasion/”skill game” mindset
Playing With Fire – text game/con artistry
Ultimate Man Project – cold approach/sexual tension/routines/framing
Alex Gordon – sexual archetypes
Todd V – hyper-technical interaction specifics
Good Looking Loser and Kill Your Inner Loser – general male self-improvement
Lookism – technical looks-improvement
Michael Sartain/RSD Luke – status game
Brian Begin – eye contact/body language


Rollo Tomassi – general understanding of the sexual marketplace
Sonny Arvado – mindset (“Just be/look cool”)
Yohami – mindset (“Just be alpha”)
Mike Mehlman – mindset (“Just be high volume”)

If I had to choose just two that were as complete as possible, it would be Saul Tee (“Technical Game Bible“) and Ultimate Man Project.