I’m not attracting the types of girls I want to attract

In Minimal Game, Aaron Sleazy says:

A prudent businessman will not try to sell his services to all people. Instead, he will take their actual needs into account and evaluate his abilities. to solve his customers’ problems. You, as a conscientious guy, should also wisely select the women you pursue. Know your preferences, strengths and weaknesses! This is much more sensible than going after random women and hoping that one will eventually bite

If you don’t get anywhere with a particular kind of girl, you have two options:

  • Focus on different women
  • Change yourself

This is become more and more apparent the more I learn about game.

Unfortunately, I have a big incongruency between the types of girls that are into me, and the types of girls I WANT to fuck.

I have 14 flags, I’ve been all around the world, but my three weaknesses are all American stereotypes:

1. American sorority girls


2. Instagram thots (usually mixed or latina)


3. Gym rats:


The problem is that in the year and a half I’ve been in the game, I haven’t been able to pull any of these girls. Obviously, the examples I gave are all 8s and 9s. But even the 6s and 7s that fit into these categories have proven to be impossible.

Instead, these are the types of women that are into me:

1. Shy Latina girls

They love that I speak Spanish, and these types of girls generally speak no or very poor English, even the ones that live in the US.

2. Crazy, slightly chubby white girls

You know, the really slutty ones with the crazy eyes who are down to fuck within 20 minutes? They love me.

3. Middle to upper-middle class black girls

Any black girl that’s college educated is extremely attracted to me, for some reason. Think an Erykah Badu type with natural hair.

4. Intellectual social justice warrior white girls

I absolutely crush it with these girls. It’s like they can smell my liberal arts education a mile away. Whenever I use Hinge, I match with a ton of these girls, and San Francisco is full of them, but they give me severe limp dick. Fine to have as friends, but zero sexual attraction to me.

How can I change this?

Just like Aaron Sleazy says above, I truly believe that the only way to fuck these girls is to change your lifestyle completely. This would mean changing my social circle, clothing style, attitude, and even dumbing down my intelligence.

Sorority girls are all social circle, and are less likely to date an older guy unless they are sugaring. I’ve also found that they’re unwilling to date a guy with a shaved head. You basically need to be the total stereotype of a WASPy American frat bro. So to fuck these girls, I would need to become these guys:


Instagram thots date low-class white new money men with social ecosystem status and extremely attractive black and latino guys. My look, while fairly serious, isn’t edgy enough. I’d need to become this guy:


Now, I have a great physique and technically I should be able to attract fit girls. But just a great physique isn’t enough. You actually have to have an out of proportion physique to attract fit girls, as well as go to a higher-class gym, work out in swagged out workout gear and approach girls at the gym. I’d need to become this guy:


So what can be done? I don’t want to make the lifestyle changes at the moment to fit my looks into any of the above categories. Becoming a frat bro would be hardest because I’d have to change my entire social circle around. Becoming a gangster would be hard because I’m not willing to get tattoos. Becoming a jacked dude would be fairly easy, but I need to maintain an athletic physique for external athletic pursuits at the moment, so I can’t use steroids or get too big.

One thing I’ve thought about is running three separate Tinder profiles. Each would have completely different photos and portray me in totally separate looks. Of course, everything would fall apart after hooking up with a Tinder girl a couple times because they’d get to know the real me, but at least I could fake it for a while.