How to fuck one girl a week in 2018 from swipe apps with little time investment

Note: this is woefully out of date, but the basics still apply.

The new year is almost upon us, and that means online fucking apps (I refuse to call them online dating apps) will be in full force, filled with lonely women who just realized they were alone for the holidays. Blackdragon, the expert on this stuff, notes that he gets 3x the results in January from apps as any other time of the year.

If you want to take advantage of this, here’s what you should do:


Fulfill at least half of the below requirements, roughly in order of importance:

  • 5+/10 face (the most important factor; if you are below a 5/10 facially you should move to another country or try daygame)
  • 5+/10 body
  • White (clarification: being white is not an absolute requirement, but sadly, white guys will naturally have an easier time because girls are innately racist. If you aren’t white, you can overcome it with the rest of the attributes)
  • 5’9″ or over
  • Decent style (e.g. new, well-fitted clothes, hair and facial grooming)
  • Under age 35
  • Live in a city of more than 150,000 people

If you do not fulfill some of these requirements, improve the controllables (e.g. lift, lose body fat, buy new clothes, get a haircut, move, etc.) and once you’re ready, implement the below.


Assemble four to six photos of yourself of the below archetypes. These photos must not be selfies, and ideally should be taken with a DSLR by someone that knows what they’re doing.

If you don’t have these photos, talk to your photographer friend, or hire a photographer from Craigslist/Instagram. If you don’t want to go this route, buy a cheap DSLR and a 50mm 1.8 lens from Craigslist, buy the cheapest tripod you can find on Amazon, buy a DSLR remote, and take the photos yourself.

The first bullet is required, you can pick and choose from the rest:

  • Upper-body shot of just you. Ideally taken with a DSLR with you in focus with a blurred, interesting background, wearing nicely-styled clothes (a suit if you’re over 25, a button-down or something else nice if you’re under 25).
  • You with a dog or some other sort of animal. Only do this if you actually like animals.
  • You with a group of friends. You should be as tall or taller and as attractive or more attractive than every friend in the photo. All of your friends must be decently attractive and not low-status (i.e. if this photo was taken at an anime convention, you’re toast).
  • You doing [insert hobby here]. Snowboarding, DJing, skydiving, climbing, playing a high-status sport (sorry, Magic: The Gathering doesn’t count).
  • You in an exotic location.
  • You doing something that indicates you’re a leader of men. Holding a microphone, giving a speech, standing on stage, etc.
  • A candid, shirtless photo (e.g. playing sports, on a beach). If you cannot bench your bodyweight and/or squat/deadlift 1.75x your bodyweight AND are less than 18% bodyfat, skip this. If you don’t have a candid shirtless photo, a non-candid is OK, but you’ll get worse results.

Once you have the photos, pick out 10-12 that you think are good and send them to three girls you’ve hooked up with in the past to get their advice on which to use. Close female friends are a decent secondary options. Photofeeler is a distant third.

App Setup and Swiping

General App Setup

  1. Create a fake Gmail account.
  2. Use the fake Gmail account to create a fake Facebook account with your real first name. If you’re 28-35 and want to fuck 18-22 year olds, put your age on Facebook as 27 (otherwise they’ll never see your profile because most girls that age never fuck with their Tinder settings).


  1. Download Tinder and sign up with your fake Facebook account.
  2. Verify using your phone number. This verification step is required. You used to be able to skip it by adding 100 Facebook friends, but this is no longer possible as of mid-2018.
  3. Tap “Get Tinder Plus” and purchase Plus.
  4. Upload the photos you picked out in the photos section. Don’t worry about Smart Photos, it basically doesn’t work.
  5. Write a short, positive, non-needy bio that demonstrates higher value, e.g. “Dog whisperer. World traveler, last three trips were to Bali, Australia, and New Zealand. Avid cook, I guarantee my bacon risotto is better than yours.”
  6. Link your Instagram only if you have over 1000 followers and/or you have interesting photos that show a high-value lifestyle (e.g. travel, parties, friends).
  7. Go to settings and set your distance range to the furthest range you think a girl would be willing to travel to meet you. Use the Gmaps Radius tool to figure out what the radius of your surrounding area is.
  8. Set your age range to 18 at the low end and whatever the age of the oldest woman you’d have sex with is at the high end.
  9. Start swiping. Your minimum for a right swipe would be a girl you’d have sex with if she were to come directly to your house with no monetary investment from you. Do not swipe right on every girl, it brutalizes your private Tinder “Elo score”.
  10. Don’t read bios or look at photos or Instagrams. You should spend less than a second looking at each profile’s photos before determining how to swipe. I can swipe about 30 girls a minute accurately with my phone. This means, assuming 5000 girls are in your area, you should only need to waste about ten minutes a day swiping.
  11. Every day, use your 5 superlikes on girls you think are just out of your range. E.g. if you generally fuck 5s and 6s, use superlikes on 6.5s and the odd 7.
  12. Swipe only during idle time, i.e. when you’re on public transportation or on the toilet.
  13. On Sunday between 8 and 10 PM, use your one free monthly Boost, which will put your profile at the top of every girl’s stack in your area for 30 minutes. You don’t have to swipe during this Boost, it doesn’t have any effect on the matches you’ll get.


  1. Download Bumble and sign up with your fake email address.
  2. Upload the same photos and use the same bio as you did on Tinder. If you linked your Instagram on Tinder, mention it in your bio.
  3. Use the same distance and age settings that you did on Tinder.
  4. For Bumble, you’re going to autoswipe. First, download AutoHotKey on your computer. Edit AutoHotKey.ahk and paste the following in:

toggle = 0
#MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2

Toggle := !Toggle
While Toggle{
Send r
sleep 2000
Send g
sleep 2000

  1. Download BlueStacks, an Android emulator. Run through the setup.
  2. Download Bumble on your BlueStacks instance. Log in with your fake email address.
  3. In the bottom right, click on the icon of the keyboard and map “r” to “Swipe Up” and “g” to Swipe Right.
  4. While on the swipe screen, hit F7. Let the autoswiper run until you run out of profiles to swipe on (you won’t be able to use your computer while you do this, so use a different computer or run it overnight).


  1. Download Hinge and sign in with your fake email address.
  2. Use the same photos you did with Tinder, but remove any shirtless photos if they’re not candid.
  3. If you’re under 5’10”, add an inch to your height.
  4. If you have a medium to high-status job, list it.
  5. If you went to college, list it.
  6. Answer three of the promptsin a witty, intellectual way. Use good grammar and proofread for spelling.
  7. Start viewing profiles. Never like any of the photos of the girls, but rather their questions directly (shows interest in their “mind” rather than their appearance).
  8. Don’t waste your time leaving a comment with your like unless you have something interesting to say (e.g. if she says she wants to go to Ecuador on her bucket list, mention that you just got back from there).

App Messaging

If you’re playing this right, matches should be rolling in on all of your apps. You’re going to use the exact same openers and messaging format for every app.

  1. Open a girl with a non-needy, unique opener (I’m not going to post examples here, because if I do they’ll start getting used and not be unique anymore). The opener should ideally assume something about her and end in a question mark, but doesn’t have to.
  2. Gauge her response, and write back, using less text than her. If she hasn’t asked you a question (also known as the hook point), provide some information, like a DHV about yourself, and ask her another question.
  3. If she’s asking you questions back, you have a green light. Respond something like “That sounds cool, we should grab a drink. I’m free [x] or [y] day, let me know what works for you.” Based on her response, tell her where and when to meet you.
  4. If she’s not asking you questions back, you have a yellow light. Keep DHVing and teasing her for a few more lines until you get her to invest. If she’s not investing but still responding, hit her with the date pitch after a maximum of five messages from each of you.
  5. If she’s being combative, you have a red light. Stay non-reactive and playful. Keep DHVing and teasing her until you have a yellow or a green light, at which point you should pitch the date.

Other tips:

  • Ignore any rules about waiting a certain amount of time to text back. The minute you match with a girl, you are already fighting a losing battle against her attention. Reply back as soon as possible and keep her engaged.
  • If a girl stops responding, wait 2-3 days (at least) and hit her back with a funny respawn text teasing her for disappearing. I’m not going to post mine, but if she’s riding a horse in her profile, here’s a mediocre example: “Did you fall off your horse and die? Let me know where I should send flowers.” Do this twice, and wait 2-3 days between each message. If she doesn’t respond, leave her and work another girl.
  • Burn every lead to the ground. You should be messaging and scheduling dates with every girl you match with in order to cultivate abundance.

If you want examples, I recommend the breakdowns on Playing with Fire. He’s the only guy I know that provides full screenshots of all his messages from opener to sex (keep in mind, however, that he is above average looks and runs shirtless photo + explicit bio game. If you’re average, you can’t expect these results, but his messaging is good).

Weekly Routine

The above will cover you for the first week. After that, you’ll notice that your matches are going to fall off. This is because Tinder and Bumble give newbies an early boost to get their profiles shown to more people. So every Sunday night, here’s what you’re going to do:

  1. Create a new fake Gmail account and Facebook profile.
  2. Go into your Bumble and Tinder accounts associated with your old fake email and hide the profiles to the public. This will make it so you can still chat with your old matches, but won’t have two profiles up at once.
  3. Create new Bumble and Tinder accounts. Follow the exact same methods as you did last week regarding using your Tinder Boost and autoswiping on Bumble, but tweak your photos/bio using feedback from the last week.

It should take less than an hour to do this each week, but you’ll get 50% more matches, not only with the newbie boost, but also because you’ll be shown to different girls each week due to the random nature of Tinder.


Number of matches per week is going to completely depend on physical attractiveness and quality of profile, as well as your sexual market value in your city compared to the male competition on the apps.

Here are my average weekly results as an average-looking guy in San Francisco, the hardest city in the United States for average guys:

  • 52 matches (30 from Tinder, 7 messages from Bumble, 13 from Hinge, 1 from CoffeeMeetsBagel, 1 from Happn)
  • 36 matches worth opening (rest were errant swipes or I had buyers remorse)
  • 17 matches reply
  • 5 matches schedule a date
  • 2 matches actually show up to the date (the rest flake or logistics don’t work)

Two dates a week is on the low end for cultivating abundance, so if you’re getting worse results than this, something is wrong. You need to improve your sexual market value, photos, openers, or messaging.

It’s impossible to provide generic troubleshooting steps because every guy will have different problems, but if you contact me through the Contact Form on my site, I’m happy to help.

Finally, you’ll notice I didn’t provide any information for what to actually do on a date. That’s because this has been written about extensively by other guys. I recommend Blackdragon or JMULV for more on that.

18 thoughts on “How to fuck one girl a week in 2018 from swipe apps with little time investment

    1. London – tough for the average guy but great quality for guys with high SMV. Higher potential for one night-stands due to size of the city. Similar to NYC in the United States, but more difficult due to higher-quality male competition.

      Moscow – excellent quality, but girls are looking for providers, not to hook up. Upside is the average American guy will do well here but will have to wait 3 dates to sex.

      Magnum might be able to comment on Tokyo. It’s not the toughest Asian city but you get a bit of a bump for being a foreigner. Language barrier is difficult, Google Translate will be required in the majority of cases. A lot of girls looking for something serious but some white boy hunters willing to hook up as well.

      Paris I can’t comment on.


    1. I’d say London is a weird outlier. Kind of a mix of LA and NYC. It’s really hard to say without knowing your individual situation, i.e. what’s your race, height, looks level, niche, etc. For an average white guy London is tough.


    1. Because Photofeeler is evaluated by a lot of random “blue pill” girls who don’t know what they’re talking about. For example, they’ll rate shirtless abs photos lower because they “show too much skin”.


      1. Rob

        I am definitely going to try this and report on the results… What BlackDragon resources would you recommend for figuring out what to do on a date?


  1. Michael

    Can you bypass the fake Facebook profile for this method and use your actual profile?

    Ran into a roadblock by flagging suspicious behavior after friending too many phillipinas too quickly


    1. Yes. You do run the risk of your real Facebook getting banned, though.

      And personally, I don’t like my friends to be able to see I’m on Tinder (there have been API leaks in the past), or people to see who my mutual friends with them are.


  2. Regarding the cost of this – you are signing up to pay $9.95 per month for Tinder Plus, and you’re doing that every week. Does this then cost about $40 per month?


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