Vacation Game with bad logistics: +1 Argentinian Flag

One aspect of Game I haven’t quite figured out yet is how to improve my success rate despite bad housing logistics.

Unlike many others in this sphere, I don’t make women the focal point of my life, much less my vacation time. I travel often, but mostly with friends, and we often share AirBnBs or rooms.

Such was the case in Buenos Aires last week, where I shared a house with a dozen-plus friends. I was busy nearly ten hours a day exploring the city and doing whatever one does on their first trip to Argentina, but I was also keen on capturing my Argentinian flag in my free time.

Pre-trip, I fired up Tinder and spoofed my location to Buenos Aires, selectively swiping, as well as set my Instagram automation to follow every girl with an Instagram linked to her Tinder.

I quickly confirmed all that I had read about the city: the girls were of middling quality, somewhat arrogant, and not at all responsive to sexual talk or direct openers. In a week, I collected ~40+ matches and five numbers. All in all, about 50% better than I would have done in San Francisco, and girls were about 50% more receptive to meeting up as well.

I then ran into the first logistical hurdle: nearly every girl in Latin America lives with her parents. I filtered for this by directly asking probing questions about each girl’s housing situation. Probably not the most tactful way to do it, but as I only had a few nights available, I didn’t want to wind up on a date where I couldn’t go back to a girl’s place.

I eventually ended up making plans with a big-booty 20-year-old Colombian. In retrospect, she was tight-lipped with her responses and was taking a while to respond to each of my messages, but eventually did agree to a date and a location about an hour and a half before we were supposed to meet…

…only to cancel (ambiguously) 45 minutes before we were supposed to meet, saying “Oye no puedo estar a las 10 disculpa“. In Spanish, this could have sounded like she was simply saying she wouldn’t arrive on time, so I played dumb and asked how long she needed, but knew it was probably toast. The flakes of San Franciso had followed me down below the equator.

I hail-mary messaged a couple other girls in my phone, and one responded: a 35-year old Argentinian introvert “good girl” who had just moved to Buenos Aires from a small town. She was immediately keen to meet up, as she was about to go to bed at 10 PM on a Saturday night. I told her to let me know where she lived and I would pick out a bar.

Then I ran into the other logistical hurdle: there were LITERALLY no bars in her neighborhood. Like, none. I’ve never encountered this in a city before (although the complete lack of acceptable date venues in many cities will be a topic for a future blog post). I dumbfoundedly scrolled through Google Maps for ten minutes before giving up and telling her to just meet me at a metro stop and we’d figure it out from there.

We meet and I immediately start leading and teasing her. I tell her to follow me and that I’ll use my magic powers to find us a place. We walk and talk for ten minutes before I finally stumble upon a halfway decent bar. She doesn’t drink, and neither do I, so two waters it is.

She’s very introverted and gives tight-lipped responses to my questions. A year ago, I might have struggled with a girl like this and tried to play the role of the dancing monkey, attempting to defuse the awkward situation with humor, but after absorbing more knowledge, particularly from Blackdragon, I soldier on, asking more and more questions and identifying topics of interest (for her: books, heavy metal, family) and getting her to open up. I segué into relationship talk. She’s had various boyfriends, she meets them through friends or at heavy metal concerts, she doesn’t want a relationship (bingo). She averts my more direct questions about sex, but we’re able to skirt around the issue and I don’t press it.

Eventually, I motion to her and say “Let’s go.” I used to ask girls if they wanted to leave (per Roosh’s “Bang”, the first Game book I read). Now, I don’t ask. I lead. She asks where we’re going and I tell her we’re going for a walk. We meander towards her place, and when we’re a few blocks away, she reveals that we can’t go to her place, because she lives in a shared house and her landlord doesn’t allow her to have guests. Ridiculous Latin American living situations strike again. After more probing, I probably could have convinced her to sneak me in, but all of her housemates were hanging out on the steps and she was embarrassed. Definitely a secret society girl.

I remain non-reactive and tell her I’ll escort her to her place. She decides to wait for my Uber with me, and my non-reactiveness immediately provokes a reaction from her: she clutches onto me and starts to hug her head to my chest (she’s about 5’2″). I reach down, lift her chin up, and start kissing her. She’s into it. She says: “Para, o me vas a dar ganas.” (Basically “stop, you’re turning me on.”) At this point I look at my phone and verify that my friends are all out at dinner. I convince her to jump in my Uber and go back to my place, and that if no one was there, I could sneak her in.

We get to my AirBnB, and to my dismay, 3-4 of my buddies are hanging out in the living room. Somehow, their backs are turned and I sneak her by them. I pull her into my room and pull her clothes off. The good girl is wearing a sexy black thong, meaning she came out with the intention of getting fucked. I compliment her on this, and she takes it graciously.  I escalate to sex in what may be a new personal record, fueled by the fear of my roommates walking in and catching us in the act.

Not my best performance, and probably not her best either. As we roll back out the door, I have to choice but to walk her by everyone hanging out in the living room. Cue some good-natured ribbing and verbal high fives for the rest of the night.

+1 Argentinian flag.

Did I learn anything from this experience? Only that I’m still bad at convincing girls to invite me back to their places. I’d like to learn more about how to do this, if anyone has any advice.

19 thoughts on “Vacation Game with bad logistics: +1 Argentinian Flag

  1. >> I was also keen on capturing my Argentinian flag in my free time.

    Yeah. Go Pancake.

    >> I tell her to follow me and that I’ll use my magic powers to find us a place.

    Great line, excellent leadership.

    >> I finally stumble upon a halfway decent bar. She doesn’t drink, and neither do I, so two waters it is.

    There is something charming about this for me… two adults that want some love and attention, looking for a “bar” so they have an excuse to be “someplace” together, when neither of them drink. I love it. There is something genuinely romantic and cute about it.

    The Secret Society can be cute too.

    You know most of the girls I date don’t drink either. So I get that. And I’m increasingly into how hot and sexy sober dates can be. I love to drink, but am much more interested in the girl. With Miss Thick, I often have a beer after sex and after dinner, as we hangout before bed.

    Congrats on the +1, man. I love the initiative of throwing something together after the flake.


    1. >> two adults that want some love and attention, looking for a “bar” so they have an excuse to be “someplace” together, when neither of them drink. I love it. There is something genuinely romantic and cute about it.

      That’s a funny read. Nothing romantic about it from my end — I’m just picking the easiest possible avenue to get laid, which sadly, in our society, is inviting a girl out for a “drink”.

      I wish I didn’t have to do it. I wish I could just skip the bullshit and openly tell girls I don’t drink and that I want to invite them over to drink water and sit on my dick, but women are fierce. As soon as they smell any hint of “oddness”, you cut out a significant portion of the date-able population.

      It’s sad. I have to pretend I’m someone I’m not to fuck the girls I want to fuck. But also kind of fun, being a chameleon like that.


  2. Шаман

    After reading Krauser report banging a girl in a hostel’s dorm-room in Brazil, I realized that logistics can’t stop the one who has a plan………….


    1. Stop, no; Hinder, yes.

      Sex just isn’t as fun when you’re in danger of getting walked in on (although it does make for a great story). I’d rather have a completely private place with a girl where we can relax and go multiple rounds.

      I would never have sex in a hostel dorm room, I’m pretty courteous and not interested in putting people out like that.

      Best place in a hostel, from personal experience, is the shower. Especially if they have private stalls.


      1. Шаман

        I’m of the same convictions as you, but it was enlighting to not only read about what’s possible, but also about the fact that the girl enjoyed the piblicity of the romp

        Many, apparently, get off on the “might get discovered” vibe

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats man! few notes

    – Argentinean girls are extremely raunchy when talking sex, would make you blush
    – Of course she went there to get fucked.
    – “Good girl” no, that’s cognitive dissonance

    Re: logistics. In Argentina the normal thing is to go to a “telo”, which is a hotel you pay per hour. There are many. She probably already has a favorite one.


    1. >> Argentinean girls are extremely raunchy when talking sex, would make you blush

      I’m sure they are, and I’d like to meet one. Not this girl, though.

      >> “Good girl” no, that’s cognitive dissonance

      I call her a “good girl” in that she’s an introvert, homely, slightly mousy, understated, wants to be a librarian, and is family-oriented. As opposed to the US college sluts I’m used to.


      1. Gotcha – she’s till a past the wall girl who’s banging a casual traveler whose she doesn’t know, and was well prepared for it. That’s where the US college sluts will be in 15 years


        1. That’s the read I got.

          I asked if she speaks English, she says not very well but sometimes she has to with foreign guys on Tinder. I then ask if she likes foreign guys and she said yes. Probably sleeps with a lot of guys passing through Buenos Aires. Happy to be one more in the line.


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  5. Kudos to you for getting your Argie flag, man.

    You’re absolutely right about the logistic fuckup here. I’ve found that having your own place makes things a hundred times easier. Even if it is a shithole of a place – just live the tiny hotel room I live in, with a shared restroom at the other side of a hall. Hell, I’ve even made it happened with some girls while staying at a friend’s house, where I had to sleep on a sleeping bag in the middle of the living-room. I would bring a girl to his house in the early morning and he would come back from partying, so I had to take the girl to the toilet and continue to fuck her in the shower while covering her mouth with my hand so her panting / screaming wouldn’t disturb my friend.

    As to going to their place, I’m no expert… But what I do is I’ll imperiously ask them to let me use the loo and I’ll persist until she either: a) lets me in or b) runs inside and locks the door behind her (that’s my only “dirty trick” so far). I don’t go to theirs unless I have no other choice. There are just too many things that could go wrong.


    1. The “walk them back to their place, then ask the use the bathroom” seems to be the most-recommended strategy.

      It just feels so underhanded and needless to me. Especially if it’s very clear to a girl that I’m just visiting for a couple days. If the attraction is there, I just don’t see how using a trick to get into her house will magically get her to fuck me other than just suggesting we go hang out at her place.


      1. It’s not a trick and it’s not about you – it’s about her and giving her the option to decide if the sex is going to happen later, as opposed to having her to decide now, while still progressing towards it.

        It’s the same as asking her if she wants to come to your place “to meet your cats” (pinging Nash), or eat something, or listen to music etc, as opposed to asking her if she wants to come to have sex.

        So bathroom / cats / icecream etc:

        1) Are still explicitly about sex, she knows it, so do you, but
        2) Avoid putting in her in the spot
        3) Give her rational mind something to grab while her body and emotions figure things out
        4) It’s an escalation. From the date to the house to inside the house etc
        5) Gives her a little exit in case she changes her mind later, it let’s her not commit to it NOW

        Other things you can try if you don’t like that indirect language / excuses

        – Show me your place
        – Got something to drink?

        Or if you’re bringing her home:

        – Let’s go (nod)
        And if she asks what for
        – Same we’re doing here but better 😉

        Of all the options, the worst is to be explicit, as it usually means pushing past the point where she’s at in the moment.


        1. I like the vague “show me your place” much better.

          The bathroom excuse is strange to me. It gives girls too many outs. I’ve it once and got rejected. The girl pointed at a bar right below her apartment and said “I’m pretty sure they have a bathroom there.”

          Another idea I’ve thought of is the reverse seed: asking her questions about her place, like say she’s a cook, we talk about the cast iron pan on her stove, and then later I say “Show me your place, I want to see those pans you were talking about”. Feels a little corny, but at least gives some relevant excuse.


              1. See, you’re liking it for “comfort” and “bonding” which is beta game. The reason for “What are you going to cook for me?” early on is because it’s a command and puts her on a subservient role. The point is not that she’s actually going to cook something for you the first night, unless you want her to – what’s going to happen is still that you’re going to fuck each other brains out when the moment is right, and that’s gonna happen way before anything is cooked in the kitchen – the point is you’re roleplaying the scenario early, and telling her to do things, and from an authority place, where she’s doing things for you, and you’re there to be pleased, and she will use her skills to do so. This is the far cry from the beta / expectator / she’s on a pedestal / you’re interviewing her / frameset where you’d say “I want to see the tools you use to cook” which is immediately low status and gross.

                So it’s about the frame these come from. Command and conquer.


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