Stood up

When it rains, it pours.

Yesterday, I wrote that I was experiencing the biggest drought of my life in terms of flakes, including the “hot girl from Portland”, my last number number in October, who I thought would flake because I had to change the venue last minute.

Well, I was wrong. And then immediately right again. An hour before the meet, I wanted to force her hand and see if I should even bother going to the bar, so I texted “Hopping in the shower, let me know when you’re on your way”. She texted back “Okay” nine minutes later.

We were on!

Except we weren’t. Because she didn’t fucking show up.

Got to the bar, she wasn’t there. Waited the requisite 12 minutes, sent her a text saying “I’m here.”

No response.

Waited the requisite 12 more minutes, called her.

No answer.

I have pretty good frame, but shit like this, combined with a bad month for Game and two months since my dick was last in a vagina, can break a man. I was livid.

This was the first time I’ve been stood up with absolutely no sign of life from the girl. It’s very nearly happened two times before: once, the girl showed up an hour late and brought her fat friend (I immediately left), and the 18-year old model from earlier in the summer slept through her alarm and missed the date. (In the latter case, not being needy actually allowed me to secure the bang, as I just went home and she finally called me an hour later and still wanted to come out.)

94 lifetime dates, and this was a first, and for it to happen during my dryest month — well, there’s something poetic about that.

Just another milestone in the player’s journey.

P.S. here is the full text conversation with the girl, in case anyone can spot something I could have done better. This was a pity because I really thought my Tinder game was good this time. I went for the date pitch immediately, figured out days she was free on Tinder, then went for her number to work out the details.

4 thoughts on “Stood up

  1. Hey, man. Never happened to me yet. The closest I got were last minute flakes without further explanation or attempting to reschedule, in which case I totally lose respect for the chick and automatically withdraw all attention and investment, She is now the “fat ugly girl” category. Even if she contacts me later I’ll reply short closed answers until she suggests to meet or otherwise fuck off. I am expecting it to happen, though… as the number of girls I approach accumulate. I know it’s only a matter of time.

    So, my two cents on this: that, in my book, is an instant delete. There is no justification for such unacceptable behaviour. She is disrespecting you by not acknowledging the importance of your time – your most valuable resource. Not that one has to take it personally (self possession and emotional control are key cornerstones of game, we agree… I’ll comment on this on a post I’m working on at the moment) but I think it has to be dealt with coldly and with with finality. Besides, who on earth would like to get with a chick that behaves like that? It sets a bad record from the start. Here too is full of such girls. Better to avoid them… it’s just like Poker; one should play always the same, no matter how much money we have on our bank accounts, how badly we want to buy that awesome car, how long ago was the last time we got laid, and so on. You just fold those shitty hands.

    On with the hunt.


    1. I never delete numbers — there’s always a possibility you want the number for some reason down the line, but yes, an instant mental delete on her for sure.

      >> Besides, who on earth would like to get with a chick that behaves like that?

      Depends what you mean by get with. I don’t usually see girls I fuck more than once (this is something I’m working on changing, for abundance reasons). And I am more than happy to hatefuck a girl I don’t get along with, then never talk to her again. I think I’m very different than many guys in that way.

      But yeah, once a flake, always a flake, pretty much. Even if this chick did come back, and there’s no way she will, there would be too much risk of scheduling another date just to have her flake again.

      P.S. On my other Tinder account I was swiping through and her profile came up, she was 3 miles away, and I know she lives 20 miles away. Probably found another Chad in my city 😉

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      1. “And I am more than happy to hatefuck a girl I don’t get along with, then never talk to her again. I think I’m very different than many guys in that way.”

        <<< Yeah, I dig. We all have our little quirks that move away from "optimal game" (if such thing exists). Mine, for instance, is deleting numbers that are completely unresponsive. I'm considering to change that for a length of time, as an experiment. Another one is I get really turned on by a girl's token but firm resistance, so I tend to blow it out sometimes by being over-aggressive. I get bored easily with the process and get amygdala hijacks that make me go for "high risk, high reward" behaviour.

        Been reading your text exchange and there's nothing I would have changed, except for making her meet you at a show – or something of the sort. I arrived at that conclusion, because of what she said about being over at a certain time (maybe I misunderstood). I don't have any experience with American chicks, they're supposed to be an exception to every rule out there (much like Argentine chicks, just in a different way). If that is the case, I prefer to meet them at a place where we can just chill and 'get to know each other', as cheesy as that may sound. So no movies, concerts or convoluted activities.

        Great blog, mate. Cheers!


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