My First 100 Nights as a New York City Promoter

Yesterday marked my 100th night as a club promoter in New York City. As with everything I do, I have been meticulously tracking my various metrics, and this marks a good inflection point to do an analysis of what has transpired so far.

The Background

Promoting is a flywheel business, meaning that it takes a long time to get going, but once you’re established, it’s smooth sailing.

To break into the scene here in NYC, I asked for a referral from someone at one of my tables in Miami, who referred me via Instagram to my current co-promoter, who has been working here for many years. He agreed to take me on as a quasi-apprentice. I worked for him for a month with no pay to learn the ropes, then slowly I started to get paid for bringing girls to his table, eventually moving to running my own tables (of which I currently do on two different nights, and am starting a third in the next few weeks).

The time investment for promoting per week breaks down like this:

5 hours messaging
7.5 hours cold approach (five days a week)
3 hours dinner (two nights a week)
15 hours in the club

For a total of around 30 hours/week.

The Numbers

Nights: 100, from March 18 to August 24, 2022

I worked 100 out of 160 possible nights, or an average of 4.4 nights a week. In New York City, it’s possible to host 7 nights a week. I currently host my own deals Fridays and Saturdays, host with my co-promoter Wednesdays and Thursdays, and optionally subpromote Tuesdays and Sundays for other promoters.

Money earned: $10,321

$/night: $103/night worked

$/night, last month: $185/night worked

My earnings per night are rising steadily. A typical entry-level promoting deal is $400 per night for bringing 20 girls, though your payment may be reduced if you bring fewer girls or your table is not “well-managed” (e.g. girls or you frequently leave the table and the manager notices). You can ask for more money once you gain more experience. The most elite, experienced promoters command $600-$800 per night for 20 girls.

My long-term goal is to average $400 per night and work four nights a week, which would net me a comfortable $80K/year side hustle, assuming two weeks of vacation time a year.

$/hour, last month (estimate): $34/hour

$4128 / 120 estimated hours worked.

Clients booked: 1, for $317.50 commission (10% of table total)

I haven’t focused on bringing clients, mainly because I don’t personally agree with the value proposition (I would never actually spend exorbitant amounts of money at a club) and I don’t much enjoy hanging around the types of guys that do. For ones I have pursued, my finding so is that they are very flaky. I probably had 10+ inquiries for the one that actually came through. My co-promoter, who has been in the game for 7 years, books 2-4 clients a week.

Average girls brought on a Wednesday: 4
Last month: 5

Average girls brought on a Thursday: 5
Last month: 7

Average girls brought on a Friday: 12
Last month: 27

Average girls brought on a Saturday: 12
Last month: 12

Six weeks ago I switched to a new, untested venue, so my Saturday performance is hurting.

The Girls

Girls closed: 7
from same-night pulls: 6
from dates: 1

I closed roughly once every two weeks. For the first bit, I wasn’t trying that hard to close girls, because I was testing the waters to see what was possible without breaking social boundaries. However, for the last month or so, I’ve started getting a bit more aggressive.

My sense is that the majority of promoting closes happen at after parties, which I don’t do — I leave between 2:30-2:45 most nights and get a good night’s sleep. Committing to an after party means not closing until perhaps after 4 AM.

Ratings: 5.75, 6, 6, 6.5, 6.5, 7.25, 7.25 (Average: 6.5)

Popular logic holds that promoting provides a status-boost that aids in closing hotter girls. My results so far (and observations from other promoters) would say that this isn’t really the case. Basically any type of game will lead to the same average quality; quality is more precisely determined by male SMV.

Case Studies

Treating each of the seven girls as their own individual case study has allowed me to gain greater understanding into the different funnels that lead from approach to bang. In chronological order:

Ivy League Asian fashion student 6: This girl was in NYC for Spring Break at another promoter’s table. I did a normal platonic promoting approach, hoping to get her out for another night, but she grabbed me and escalated on me. After making out, she pulled me to her hotel.

Afro-Canadian tourist 6: Approached her and her friend in Soho and got them out to the table the same night. Immediately on walking in I could tell she was into me. After trying to pull a threesome with her and her friend, I managed to sort out some jealousy drama that ensued, I pulled her to a venue near my place, then finally to my bed.

Tall dancer 6.5: Approached her in another venue the previous week, and brought her to my promo dinner and table. Could tell she was somewhat down during dinner. We started dancing and grinding at the club and I managed to sneak her away from her two friends as they were all leaving to come back to mine.

39-year old MILF 5.75: I had very briefly done a promoting approach on this woman in another venue and had DMed her purely professionally a couple times, when out of nowhere she started asking me personal questions. I saw the IOIs and escalated to a dinner date at my place a couple weeks later.

Black fashionista 6.5: I approached her in Soho and according to her, she was interested in me immediately and wanted to make something happen. She came out to my tables twice but wasn’t great at giving IOIs (basically gave me none) until I accidentally made a move and she was into it. Pulled her home that night, and also a couple more subsequent nights over the next few weeks until we determined we didn’t have great sexual chemistry.

Plastic Jamaican 7.25: Did a super quick promoting approach on this black girl with fake lips and tits in Soho. Figured she would never come out but she was oddly receptive over DM. She was a true bottle rat over her summer internship. Got her out to a dinner and club one night and ended up pitching the pull, despite relative lack of interest on her part. She was down. She later revealed to me she had fucked (at least) one other promoter this summer.

Nineteen-year-old New Jersey 7.25: With my wing (who was helping me out as a promoter), approached her and her friend in Meatpacking right before we were supposed to be at the club. I could tell she was into me within five seconds of the approach. We took them with us in a ride directly there. Somehow she got in despite being 19. Let her get drunk and validated by every Chad and Tyrone in the venue, managed to outlast it all, and pulled off a miraculous pull while the friend was distracted by another guy.

The Other Fun Stuff

  • Got Taika Waititi‘s number
  • Partied with the Cincinnati Reds
  • Made friends with a bunch of other MLB players and minor leaguers
  • Had a table next to Mike Tyson
  • Witnessed an entire club full of girls go ga-ga for admittedly the biggest Chad I’ve ever seen in my life, Tyler Cameron
  • Pulled two girls for a threesome (one was too drunk, the vibe was off, and I kicked them out)
  • Gained about 1000 hot girl Instagram followers

The Analysis/The Future

I’m content with my performance as a promoter in my first 100 nights. I’ve rapidly ascended in the scene and am starting to make a name for myself, and I have a solid rotation of girls to invite out each night.

My performance pulling and closing girls has been less than expected. It’s possible that this is because promoting is overhyped in terms of Game, but also probable that I’m not doing enough. In the coming months, I’ve resolved to be more aggressive, meaning I will pitch more pulls and dates to girls at my table. I will also try out an after party and see what the deal is with that.

My goal for one year in is to have all my own deals and not have to share with anyone, so I can better cultivate the vibe at my table (instead of having to deal with someone else’s girls).

I am planning on writing a recap post one year in so I can compare my first 100 nights numbers.

3 thoughts on “My First 100 Nights as a New York City Promoter

  1. DVK

    hey man ,
    may i ask you to make a post on breaking out of dry-spells ? i’m facing a rough one ( ~2 years ) in my youth & i have no idea how to overcome this.


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