Daygame and Nightgame in Chicago

Chicago has some of the hottest women I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve always heard good things, but this city exceeded my expectations. For one, it’s one of the only US cities with the actual density required to do cold approach: women are taking public transit, walking, and biking everywhere in the warmer months.

I was there in August for two and a half weeks and during that time, it firmly cemented its status in the “Player’s Six”, along with NYC, Vegas, Nashville, Miami, and Phoenix.

Nightgame in Chicago

I went out in two places, Old Town and Wrigleyville.

Old Town had the hottest girls I’ve ever seen in one nightgame district, including Vegas. If you like basic bitches, this is the place for you. The problem was that all the bars had insane lines, so I didn’t end up gaming anywhere. Then some broad called me from daygame and I went out with her instead.

Wrigleyville is a nice post-college scene, a little trashier and more acceptable. Still plenty of hot girls. Old Crow was a decent venue for approaching but the live music made it too loud to use more than about half the venue. The Dugout was a good place with no line and four different levels. I’ve also heard good things about Sluggers.

River North is also an option, but word around the campfire is it’s on another level – some seriously rich people go out here, and it draws kind of an older crowd, so your game has to be tight.

Daygame in Chicago

Chicago is incredible for daygame. Instead of there being just one daygame district like most places, Chicago has about a dozen neighborhoods to game in.

Virtually any major street in the areas circled in red are daygame-able, though as always, I recommend a bike for maximum mobility. The best area I found was from Old Town to River North – some seriously insane density and quality.

The left side of town is going to have more hipster/alternative girls that are going to be more open to daygame than the basic girls in Wrigleyville, River North, and Old Town.

Guys will recommend the Magnificent Mile, but I think it’s overrated. Too many tourists and groups.

Online Game in Chicago

Online is poppin’ in Chicago. In two and a half weeks, I had 66 matches, got four numbers, and met (and banged) two girls.

I can call out Happy Camper in Wrigleyville and the Blue Line Lounge in Wicker Park as good date venues.

Community Resources

The Game Global Chicago Telegram Group is good for finding wings. I went out with two guys and we had a damn good time.

If you’re in town, let me know and I’ll see if I can link you with them.

8 thoughts on “Daygame and Nightgame in Chicago

  1. bogartcool

    Curious why Phoenix is part of the Player’s 6. Is it just because the girls are hot? I grew up there so I know it’s pretty spaced out, not great for walking around.


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  3. Tony Tuckee

    “Online is poppin’ in Chicago. In two and a half weeks, I had 66 matches, got four numbers, and met (and banged) two girls”

    This is bizarre. Are you like a male model? How the hell does one get 66 matches in a mere 2.5 weeks? Lol. Most guys I know who are decent looking would take several months to get that. Then only 4 of the 66 translated to numbers?


    1. I performed a hard reset on my account right before entering Chicago to take advantage of the noob boost. I also used one boost.

      I am a 6.75 out of 10 with very good photos.

      Getting one number every 15-20 matches is normal.


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