Flake redemption: +1 23-year-old redhead

Last night, I redeemed the flake from Yohami breaks down the texts before a flake by taking her out to a bar, inviting her back to my place within an hour, and fucking her hard.

I reset my Tinder account every two weeks. Every guy should be doing this. Not only do you get a bonus the first few days after a reset because Tinder shows your profile to more girls, you also get shown to a completely random and different subset of girls.

This leads to me matching many girls over multiple resets. I have a few openers I use for repeats, but the one below may be my new favorite. Here’s the short conversation after the she rematched me:


And our texts:

2017-12-13 08.44.17

I invested as little as possible. This girl had already flaked, and I expected her to do it again, so I sent a short confirmation text around midday, and surprisingly she reciprocated.

When she showed up to the bar, it was on. I never understood what guys meant when they said it was “on” with a girl until very recently, so I’m going to attempt to verbalize this most extreme case:

  • She walked in the bar smiling, and the way she walked up to me looked into my eyes, it felt like she would have been fine with me grabbing her and kissing her right there (I hugged her instead)
  • I led her with a hand on her back towards the bar stools, and as we sat, my hand was on her leg immediately. Full compliance.
  • Within three minutes of sitting down, she looked my outfit up and down and says “You look good, by the way.”
  • Within 20 minutes, my hand was resting dangerously close to her crotch through her yoga pants.
  • She continued to laugh at my teases and jokes, staring me intently in the eyes between each one.
  • 40 minutes in. “Do you get along with your parents?”, I asked, now running my fingers through her hair. She doesn’t. Bingo.

As with all of my dates, I led her down the path of sex talk. We talked about her experiences on Tinder (“I’m OK with casual”, she said) and dating in the city she moved from. Strangely, she put a stop to it after a couple of questions:

“What’s one fantasy you’ve wanted to try that you haven’t gotten around to yet?”
“…I think I’m too sober for this conversation.”

I need to make these questions feel more natural. Something I’m still working on.

An hour in and I felt like I needed to pull fast. But I still struggle with making the pull feel natural. I hadn’t seeded anything back at my house, so I asked her if she had ever drank pisco. I told her I had some back at my place and we were going to go there and drink it.  “I don’t even know what that is!” she laughed. “It’s a cane sugar alcohol. The drink of the gods. Everyone that comes over gets some.” “Who says I’m going back with you?” I pause for two seconds and smile: “You don’t have to.” “Maybe another time.” she laughed. “That’s OK.” I said.

I can’t remember what happened after that, only that I think I did a pretty good job of masking my surprise that she rejected the pull. I’m pretty sure I changed the subject to what her life philosophy was. “Right now, it’s just to have more fun. Which means I should probably say yes to going to your place.” “Come back with me. Just one drink.” “OK, just one drink. Let’s do it. I’m down.”

At home, she sat on my bed, and I didn’t even get a chance to pour the drink before she was behind me all of a sudden, begging me with her eyes to kiss her as I turned around. She wore no panties and no bra to the bar. Checkmate.

The sex itself was not physically great. It’s interesting — emotionally you can connect with someone just fine, and they can be compliant with all of your wishes, but for some reason, the angles, shape, and position of her body and various holes just don’t work perfectly with your dick. I find this fascinating. With some girls, I want to come within seconds of fucking them. With others it takes 15 minutes. Some, I can come from them riding me, some from missionary, most from doggy. This is why I am baffled when guys decide to settle down after so few sexual partners. Of the almost 50 women I’ve been with only a few have come close to the physical chemistry I desire.

The whole night I was incredibly dominant and she was incredibly compliant. Choking. Hair-pulling. Spanking. Biting. I’m getting better at emotionally dominating and turning girls with words by whispering into their ears. This session was perhaps my crowning moment:

“You like being my little cockslut?”
“I love how you look when you take my cock all the way down your throat.”
“Whose pussy is it?”
“Next time, you’re going to come over, wearing a cute outfit with nothing underneath, and without saying a word, I’m going to grab you, pin you against the wall, and start ripping your clothes off.”

Sex can be an outlet for creative oratory endeavors. (And if you’re reading this after I eventually get doxxed, thank God I decided long ago I was never running for public office.)

A couple things I didn’t like:

  • I made her come multiple times, but she squirted everywhere, all over my duvet cover and my quilt. She was very apologetic, but I can see that getting old.
  • She wasn’t pubically well-groomed. This is a big turn-off for me. I dealt with it, but I’m still figuring out how to subcommunicate to girls that I don’t like this and they need to shave for me. In retrospect, I probably could have done this while I was whispering fantasies into her ears during the many moments of compliance she had.

All in all, a good night. The first redeemed flake of my life. Who says it can’t happen?

3 thoughts on “Flake redemption: +1 23-year-old redhead

  1. VictorRevan


    “I led her with a hand on her back towards the bar stools, and as we sat, my hand was on her leg immediately. Full compliance.”
    I love it when this happens, the chemistry is so strong that kino happens straight off the bat.

    “She wasn’t pubically well-groomed”
    If you get into a BDSM relationship, which you already are with the dominance and telling her what to wear. After banging a few times you can do more rules with protocol and such, requiring her to do certain things (such as making her shave/wax). For example, I shaved one sub myself as part of a ritualistic claiming of her puss.

    If you prefer a subtle route, you can bring it up grooming as a topic of conversation. If your grooming is much different than hers she may ask you, or you can start by asking her how she prefers you to groom (note: you don’t need to actually care about her opinion). Use oral as a reward for her when she shaves or at least trims.

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