How to Instagram close – the Pancake way

You’ve done the work, built a high-value Instagram, and used automation to get thousands of followers (blog post on this coming soon), but how do you use it to close?

I see guys doing this wrong all the time. They’ll treat it like a number close and ask the girl for her Instagram. Wrong. This immediately puts you in the follower frame, and worse, unlike texting, if a girl doesn’t follow you on Instagram, your message will go in her “Message Requests” folder and she’ll probably never see it.

Voila, enter:

The Pancake Mouse method for Instagram closes:

1. Establish that Instagram is going to be the method of closing. “Do you have Instagram? Let’s follow each other and we can <do X date idea that you seeded>” She’ll reply in the affirmative.

2. Get her phone. Say you’re going to find your profile on it. Open Instagram, find yourself, and hit the follow button.

3. Then, send yourself a message from her. “I’m going to send a message from you so I have your insta.” Start writing a message and joke with her: “Hmm, what would you say if you were to message me? I’m guessing it would be some girly shit like ‘Heyyyy cutie, it’s <girl’s name>'”. At the same time, you’re writing this exact message and sending it to yourself, and she’s probably laughing and/or qualifying herself that she never uses that many Ys in a “hey”.

4. When you hand your phone back to her, give her some clickbait (credit: RSD Max) so that she checks out your profile right away and cements it in your mind. I usually say something like “You have to promise not to stalk me too much, OK?” or “You have to promise not to freak out when you see my profile, OK?” This immediately gets her curious about your profile, and often she’ll start stalking your photos right there. If this is a 2-set or mixed set, you can start bantering with the other people in her group while she sits there, entranced by your glistening, Adonis-like figure, your travel photos, your dog, or whatever the hell else you have on your profile. I did this on New Year’s and had two sisters scrolling through my ab photos with me watching and liking all of them.

5. A few hours after the interaction, or the next day (if nightgame), reply to her (your) message to yourself, and pitch the date as you would over text. I usually continue the banter from the night before by saying, “Wow, someone’s extremely complimentary” or teasing her about the amount of Ys she used in the “heyyyyy”.


Flaking in the Bay Area is out of control

In the past two weeks, I have had plans with seven different women. Only one of those women did not flake. This, gentlemen, is the story of the San Francisco Bay Area.

First, let’s define what a flake is. I’ve heard different vocabulary for many different types of flaking, and I’d like to propose a standard set of terms. So, in order of severity:

Being ghosted is when a girl stops responding to your messages at any point before a firm date/time/location is set for a date.

Being flaked on is when a girl cancels firm plans with an excuse.

Being stood up is when a girl confirms firm plans, then goes radio silent and does not show up for a date.

Looking at it on this scale, it gets even worse: three of the seven girls girls flaked and three stood me up.

Imagine getting a phone number and knowing there’s a 5% chance you’ll ever see the girl. Imagine scheduling a date and knowing there’s a 15% chance it will ever happen. Imagine questioning everything you know about your own attractiveness and self-worth because you set aside your time for a girl and she did not respect you enough to even inform you that she wasn’t going to show up.

That is life in the pit of Hell. This is life in San Francisco.

I have had bad streaks before, like last October, when 85% of my numbers ghosted/flaked, but this is much worse. Much worse because after that time, I analyzed my texting, I switched things up, I got less wordy and more direct. I started pitching dates directly on Tinder instead of bantering back and forth.

Yet, when you encounter cases like this, it makes you think all the work was for naught.

I’ll humbly post texts from the above cases for self-analysis.

1. 21 year old Tinder match. After some innocent flirty banter over Tinder and text, she level-jumped sexually. Typically, I would give her plausible deniability and flip it on her by accusing her of “corrupting” me or something similar, but with the encouragement of the Playing with Fire Facebook group, I decided to amp up the sexuality. She stood me up and unmatched me on Tinder.

2. 24 year old Tinder match. Pitched wine and whiskey at a bar near me. She flaked on confirming the time, likely not interested in how far it was away from her.

3. 35 year old Tinder match with “no hookups” in her profile. Decided to 2-date her Blackdragon style. At the end of date one, I could tell she wanted it, so we ended the date with a really passionate kiss near her car. I also seeded the second date in person with her before she left. She flaked when I confirmed time.

4. 23 year old Bumble match. This girl has actually matched me three times on different apps. Pitched dinner at mine, she agreed, she then didn’t respond when confirming exact time, then respawned in the afternoon with a flake.

5. 18 year old Tinder match. Sexual conversation, pitched vodka at mine. Worked out logistics, she confirmed the night before, then stood me up.

6. 20 year old, DMed her on Instagram, originally pitched dinner at mine. When the day came she was non-compliant and wanted me to meet her near her work in downtown SF. I played hardball but she didn’t give in. Met her downtown and hung out for 25 minutes, once I got compliance to physical touch (we were sitting on a couch with her head on my chest), I invited her back to mine. She gave an excuse about it being far away and said “next time”. I ended the date pretty abruptly after that.

The next day, I hit her up again and surprisingly she wanted to meet up that night. Again, pitched dinner at mine, she agreed, told her to let me know when she was boarding the train, then radio silence, standing me up.

So there you have it. The most amazing thing about these cases is that two of them actually involved girls I had seen at least once and had some level of investment with.

Not sure how much longer I can take this behavior.

Text Game: Non-reactive and non-needy replies increase attraction


It is amazing how long it took me to figure out that staying non-reactive and non-needy has the potential to increase (or at least not decrease) attraction via text.

This was a girl I matched on Tinder back in October. She showed lukewarm attraction the whole time, flaking on me twice and wanting me to meet her halfway for a date. Tonight, we matched again (I reset my account every month or so in order to have a second chance with girls).

A year ago, I would have offered up an alternate day after receiving a tenuous reply like the one she offered after I said when I was free. Something like “or we could also do Wednesday if that works better”.

This time, I stuck to my guns and she caved immediately.

Is this all confirmation bias? Maybe she would have changed her mind anyway? No way to know. But this is a part of my text game I’ve been refining over the last few months and the results are too promising to ignore. Now, every time I send a message, I think:

What would a guy with so many options he couldn’t care less text? What would a guy with so many irons in the fire he wouldn’t care if this girl flaked text?

WWCT. What Would Chad Text?


How My Game Will — or Won’t — Evolve in 2018

Almost nothing in my lifestyle puts me in contact with hot women:

I work with all men.

I go to a rundown, sweaty, dirty gym that is 80% men, where the few girls that use the weight room don’t take their headphones out.

I live in the literal worst city in the US for attractive women (oh, and it’s also majority male). The neighborhood I live in is the worst part of town where any girl over a 5 doesn’t set foot.

My hobbies are majority male-dominated — the only women that are in my social circles are either lesbians or social justice warrior, intellectual-types (great for friends, but no sexual attraction there).

I rarely go to bars, I don’t spend money on clubs — hell, I don’t even drink.

And I fucking love it.

Most guys in the community find how I live absolutely insane, but living this ascetic existence is how I’ve most enjoyed life. My utter lack of contact with women was the reason I was convinced I would be a virgin forever, until I stumbled upon RooshV’s blog back in 2010, adding it to my RSS feed and thinking “I know I’ll be able to put this into practice someday…”

That’s why, when I downloaded Bumble while hanging out with two friends back in 2016, online game instantly appealed to me. Suddenly, I was getting direct feedback that girls were actually willing to fuck me based on nothing more than four low-quality photos and a dumb 100-word bio.

What’s better, all I had to do to get their pants off was spend an hour with them showing I wasn’t a low-value moron, and then I could fuck them, they’d leave, and I’d never have to hang out with them again.

2016 was about learning game without changing my lifestyle. I continued my busy hobbies and schedule, only inviting girls over on nights where I was bored and didn’t have anything else to do.

In 2017, I wanted more. I wasn’t getting the quality I wanted. I was tired of banging chubbies and average girls, knowing that my value was far higher than theirs, while higher-quality girls were flaking on me.

So I upped my game. I made an Instagram and started taking contrived photos and building my follower base to display status. I bought new clothes. I took girls out on dates. They sucked. I recorded them, sent them to other guys for feedback, and improved them. I DHVed about being an entrepreneur, a traveler, a citizen of the world. I experimented with daygame and nightgame.

It worked. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been so busy with girls I haven’t had time to think about much else.

Yet I’m still not where I want to be. I want higher quality. I want stunners. “Models”. Sorority girls. Instagram thots. I want to keep girls around, I want validation, I want nudes, I want threesomes, I want more texts saying “I wish you were here so I could take your dick.”

Here’s the issue:

I will reach a point in 2018 where I cannot get to where I want to be without changing my lifestyle.

I entered the game with a lifelong frame that girls were the furthest thing from a priority in my life. I’ve never pined after a girl, never had a crush, never passed notes or sent love letters, never had a monogamous relationship, never put a girl first, never did any of the Beta shit that so many guys that swallow the Pill apparently do.

Rather than chase women, I’ve spent the last ten years building an immense amount of value. Ten years of dedication to the iron. Business. Money. Confidence. Travel. Zero inhibition.

I rarely got laid when I was younger because I hid all of this from the world. I’m humble. I’m not a self-promoter. I stay quiet, preferring to lurk in the shadows and help other guys, while taking none of the credit. As soon as I learned Game, I learned to unhide this value, and then came the women. I was surprised to learn that everything I had been doing to build myself as a man was actually somewhat attractive to women as well — I just had to put myself in a position to show it to them. Of course, once any normal girl figures out I’m a maniac Sigma with a weird social circle and weird hobbies after sleeping me with a couple times, it’s tough to keep her around, but I keep enough in the rotation that it often doesn’t matter.

My struggle, now, will be that I will develop my Game to such a level where it will be impossible to improve the quality of the women I’m sleeping with without becoming someone I’m not.

The path to hotties has become quite clear to me over the past few months. It is not paved with shirtless Tinder photos and inviting girls over for wine, nor with Yad stops on San Francisco sidewalks. No, the path to hotties is paved with social circle and status.

If I were to drop everything and focus my life on only fucking hot girls, where’s what I would do:

Drop my current hobbies, change my clothing style and backstory, and moving to a completely new city, change my friends group, rent a million+ dollar apartment, organize parties, throw money around, promote in clubs, and become the king of my new social circle. This would actually be pretty easy to do, and I could accomplish it in under two years. I would slay with the best of them, with girls like I described in my previous post: I’m not attracting the types of girls I want to attract.

But I’m a Sigma, so this would be treason. I live a unique and ascetic life because it brings me joy, and if changing this would mean converting into some vapid Chad Thundercock whose only interests include cracking open a cold one with the boys, boat shoes, and American football…. all for what? Top-shelf vagina?

Having to hide who I actually am around the type of people that this lifestyle would attract would be devastating. I would be intellectually stunted.

It doesn’t seem worth it. So for 2018, I’ll keep my lifestyle intact and continue to improve my game. When I reach a point where an upward trajectory seems impossible, only then will I consider a change.

JMULV has the best advice in Game right now

Over the past few weeks, a mad research rampage into nightgame led me to the YouTube channel of a guy named John Mulvehill, aka JMULV. He’s an ex-RSD instructor that saw through the bullshit enough to not continue with them and started his own company called Efficient Pickup. That company went down when some of the guys associated with it were charged with rape and he was (allegedly falsely) accused of kidnapping, coercion, and lewdness. Seems like he’s been laying low for a while and has since branched out on his own.

Now, I can see JMULV rubbing people the wrong way:

  • He talks about his notch count ad nauseum, claiming to have 766 lifetime notches.
  • He’s prone to braggadocio.
  • He goes off on wild tangents in his videos and has a hard time expressing his points. Videos that should take 20 minutes take an hour and 20 minutes.
  • He comes off as a complete and utter sociopath.

I shook my head the first time I watched some of his videos. But the more I watched, the more I was impressed — you don’t get to 750+ notches without learning a thing or two along the way. And guess what? Dark triad guys tend to get laid a lot.

JMULV’s game can probably be best described as the best parts of RSD/Mystery Method, Blackdragon and Good Looking Loser mixed with dark triad and red pill concepts.

His magnum opus is a 5 hour, 14 minute (yes, I know) breakdown of his game:

I’ve watched the entire thing (on 1.5x speed, naturally), over the course of the last week, and I’m pretty floored.

I’ve never found a guy who sells products that doesn’t have some sort of bullshit in their philosophy. Even guys I learned the most from, like Blackdragon, Krauser, and Good Looking Loser have major flaws, in my opinion, with their systems.

JMULV is the only guy I’ve ever seen put a practical system together that combines multiple lead sources (night game, online game, and day game) that results in getting laid while minimizing time spent on women.

The advantage of JMULV’s underproduced, rambling videos is that you see him at his rawest. And better yet, it’s all actionable, practical advice. No fluff, no philosophy, no abstraction, like other gurus are fond of. I know a lot of guys aren’t going to have the patience to watch the entire video, so here’s the flow chart, and I’ll summarize below:



Nightgame is definitely his forté and where I learned the most. This is his typical nightgame routine:


  • He believes in very quick screening and closes. Here’s a good thread on the RooshV forum with a summary of his night game philosophy and here is a two-hour long webinar on it if you have more patience.
  • He opens with strong eye contact, vocal tonality, and body language, and immediately starts kino.
  • Assuming the girl reciprocates, he makes small talk and probes her logistics.
  • He plants the idea of her going home with him right away.
  • If she’s not interested at all, he takes the number and works it into his normal leads funnel.
  • If she is, he handles any objections, bounces her outside or to a second location, and then gives a false time constraint and bounces back to his place (insinuating that no sex will happen)
  • He’s realistic that it will be tough for most guys to pull consistently on a night out, and so will try to collect a bunch of numbers for his funnel. This is something I’ve never heard anyone else mention, but is completely true.

Online Game

  • He uses Tinder and Bumble with heavily-photoshopped, professionally-taken profile photos with good lighting
  • He uses several DHV photos that he takes in front of a green screen and photoshops in the background: him DJing at a huge event, skiing, standing in London
  • He’s tall, so he has one selfie emphasizing his height, taken in a suit.
  • His messaging is persistent and he goes for the number within 6-10 messages.


  • His daygame is definitely the weakest part of his game. He doesn’t do it that much, only has 20 daygame lays total.
  • His openers are not great “Can I meet you real fast?” and he seems a bit nervous, but his tonality is good and he’s low energy and not excitable.
  • He DHVs like a madman with stuff like “I’m a DJ” and “I used to live in London” and similar.
  • He goes for the number really fast. 1-2 minutes. Doesn’t do much comfort-building. Probably gets a lot of weak leads.
  • He talks about “hired gun” game, basically gaming promoters or hostesses by insinuating that he organizes events and then getting their number, then running standard game from there.


  • He seeds the date with every interaction he has with a girl, i.e. during daygame and night game he gives them a preview of what they’re going to be doing on the date
  • Invites 90% of the girls he meets directly over to his house to “split a bottle of wine”.
  • The girls that don’t want to meet at his house, he takes them out, and then bounces them back to his house to “drink champagne” and gives a false time constraint

Retention/Building a Harem

  • Fucks women well the first time they have sex, and thereafter
  • Remains non-needy and doesn’t pedestalize women once they’re in rotation, i.e. doesn’t text her back right away, doesn’t comment when she sends nudes
  • Never commits to monogamy with any of the women in his rotation

There’s obviously a lot more, but that’s a summary of his thoughts on the key points. For more, I recommend watching his YouTube channel.


My 2017 Statistics and Analysis

My second year (and first full year) in the game was an auspicious one, with plenty of experimentation and travel.


28 (2016: 20)

12 in San Francisco
8 in a third-tier US city where I was living over the summer
3 during a trip to Guatemala City
3 during a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (including one threesome)
1 during a trip to Argentina
1 during a work trip in Seattle

Notch Sources

All were from online.

24 Tinder
2 Bumble
2 Instagram

I also did 55 daygame approaches, got 9 numbers, had 2 dates, but zero bangs. Clearly, my daygame needs work, but for reasons I’ll outline in a future post, I don’t think daygame works well in San Francisco.

Notch Quality

Disclaimer: I have one of the “harshest” and most accurate rating systems that I know of in the community (nearly ever guy overrates). I’m still working on my full 1-10 rating scale with pictorial evidence, which can serve as reference to the community and hopefully stop the number inflation trend.

One 4.5, five 5s, three 5.5s, seven 6s, four 6.5s, five 7s, and one 7.5.

Average notch rating: 6.03 (2016: 5.725)

I was shooting for better quality this year, and did marginally well, but still wasn’t able to fully get there, mostly because lack of abundance made me reach below my level on occasion.

Unsurprisingly, my average rating in San Francisco was 5.71, meaning that everywhere else I did much better than here. Speaks to the incredible difficulty and low quality of women available in this city.

Conversion Rate (Notches/First Dates)

An important metric that tracks how good my “date game”, as well as my screening, is. Note that this means new notches per each girl I saw, not multiple dates with the same girl.

This was:

53%, or 8/15 while traveling. Surprised this isn’t higher as I was usually pretty clear that I was just visiting, but I’m continually impressed at the number of girls that will waste time going out on dates with a guy passing through and not give it up.

42%, or 8/19 in the third-tier US City.

39%, or 12/31 in San Francisco (including a terrible streak from October to December where I took 11 girls out and closed 1 of them).

Overall, I believe these numbers to be pretty low. This signals that there is still a problem with what I’m doing on dates. This is unfortunate, because I feel that my dates are the thing I’ve worked to improve most this year. More work is needed.

Bucket List Notches

Virgin and minus 10 year age difference

Met an 18-year-old on Tinder, and took a phone call and some Snapchat comfort before she drove an hour out to meet me. On the first date, I took her out for coffee and found out that she was not only a virgin, but hadn’t kissed a guy before. I brought her back to my place and taught her how to kiss and how to give head — it was adorable. For our second meet, I took her virginity, making her orgasm twice through penetration. It was incredible and left me wanting more. She was a sweet, introverted girl and we got along well.

Shorter than 5 feet

Had some of the most passionate sex of my life with a 4’11” Guatemalan girl. Latinas are something special.

Girl with “no hookups” in her online dating profile

Smashed an introverted Thai au pair off of Tinder. She wasn’t a looker (5), but I wanted the bucket list and it ended a five week dry streak. I actually ended up texting her to see if she wanted to come over again, and she turned me down for “not wanting a relationship”. Clever girl.

Threesome and girl in non-open relationship

My spontaneous threesome in Cabo featured a girl who was cheating on her boyfriend. I follow her on Instagram and she continues to post photos of him with captions expressing her undying love. I don’t understand monogamy.

Three girls in three days

At the end of April, I had a pretty incredible streak of three girls in three days. One was a two-date (I had taken her out for coffee the day before, then we grabbed dinner the following night), another I took out to a bar and successfully took home the next night, and the final night I cooked dinner for yet another at my house (after meeting her for five minutes in public upon her request).

Two girls in a day

I followed that streak with a wonderful September 1, where I fucked a 7 after inviting her over for lunch and a 7.5 after inviting her over for dinner. Both were second dates (in the summer I was generally running Blackdragon’s two-date model).

More Fun Stories

Had a date with a 9 and a 9.5. The 9 was a Venezuelan full-time model in Guatemala (pictorial equivalent) and the 9.5 was the legitimate hottest girl in third-tier US city I was living in (pictorial equivalent).  Unfortunately, I didn’t so much as kiss these girls. Either my game just isn’t to that level yet or they had a different image of me online than what I presented in person. Either way, it was a nice preview of what is to come once I improve my game.

Gave a 22-year-old Asian virgin with social anxiety her first kiss. She was literally trembling on the date. I ran good game with tons of comfort, calmed her down, and took her for a walk around the block. “Have you ever kissed a guy?” “No.” “Do you want to?” “Yes.” She had no idea how to kiss and wasn’t coachable. I didn’t contact her again.

Fucked a college student who drove an hour to come see me using fake threesome game on Tinder. Blog post to come… maybe. Not sure if I want to reveal this secret yet.

Fucked a Chinese girl in Seattle using headless+shirtless photo/explicit bio game. She never saw a photo of my face before meeting. Blog post about this type of game to come.

Fucked two girls after inviting them over directly after daytime tea dates. Shattered my perception that you have to take girls out for drinks at night to bang them.

Analysis of My Game in 2017

In 2016, I ran almost straight “DTF pitch” game, where I explicitly invited girls from Tinder over to my house for dinner, then fucked them. While this was fun and minimized my time investment, my game hardly improved, and I knew if I was shooting for quality I had to start taking girls out on dates. I discovered Blackdragon‘s two-date model: a one-hour drinks/coffee date for D1, and an invitation over for dinner for D2. While I still lost a ton of girls between D1 and D2, I believe this was a reason for my slight bump in quality this year.

I experimented with Instagram game. I fucked two girls from cold DMs on Instagram and had dates with many more. My initial impression is that it hasn’t been worth the time I spent on it and the focus on it over the past year from various guys is exaggerated.

I massively improved my date game. At the beginning of the year, I was running too much clown game on dates — talking about myself too much, teasing, laughing, joking. Too high energy. I started recording dates and sending them to a chat group I was in. After careful analysis and feedback I changed my tonality and vibe to be quieter, more questioning, more alpha, but continuing the teasing.

I improved my text game, with the help of feedback from Yohami and others. By the end of the year, I’ve dialed my text game back from rapport-seeking texts and ping texts (a lá Krauser and Tom Torero) to game that I believe works better on American girls: I write less, invest less, and don’t seek rapport.

With the help of Magnum and Blackdragon, I improved my date pitch transition from online, cutting down on my flake percentage. It was 85% in October, and while I haven’t kept good track, I’d wager it’s down to 60%. Instead of getting the girls number, chatting for a while, and then pitching a date, I lock down the date, time, and location of the date immediately on the app, then get her number in case something comes up.

As I traveled to in different cities, I became even more acutely aware that San Francisco is the worst city in the United States for girls, and that living here is truly like being run through a crucible. (I feel like a broken record here, but more on this in a future post).

Finally, during the last three months of the year, I hit a rough patch as I moved back to San Francisco and girls weren’t as easy as where I was living over the summer. I dedicated myself to studying game. I started this blog, sought out new mentors and wings, read and posted on more forums, and got inspiration from RSD, Blackdragon JMULV, and Playing with Fire. December specifically was a breakthrough month, where I really feel like my understanding of women has broken through to a next level, which hopefully translates into a killer 2018.

My next blog post will cover some of how I see my game evolving in 2018.

How to fuck one girl a week in 2018 from swipe apps with little time investment

The new year is almost upon us, and that means online fucking apps (I refuse to call them online dating apps) will be in full force, filled with lonely women who just realized they were alone for the holidays. Blackdragon, the expert on this stuff, notes that he gets 3x the results in January from apps as any other time of the year.

If you want to take advantage of this, here’s what you should do:


Fulfill at least half of the below requirements, roughly in order of importance:

  • 5+/10 face (the most important factor; if you are below a 5/10 facially you should move to another country or try daygame)
  • 5+/10 body
  • White (clarification: being white is not an absolute requirement, but sadly, white guys will naturally have an easier time because girls are innately racist. If you aren’t white, you can overcome it with the rest of the attributes)
  • 5’9″ or over
  • Decent style (e.g. new, well-fitted clothes, hair and facial grooming)
  • Under age 35
  • Live in a city of more than 150,000 people

If you do not fulfill some of these requirements, improve the controllables (e.g. lift, lose body fat, buy new clothes, get a haircut, move, etc.) and once you’re ready, implement the below.


Assemble four to six photos of yourself of the below archetypes. These photos must not be selfies, and ideally should be taken with a DSLR by someone that knows what they’re doing.

If you don’t have these photos, talk to your photographer friend, or hire a photographer from Craigslist/Instagram. If you don’t want to go this route, buy a cheap DSLR and a 50mm 1.8 lens from Craigslist, buy the cheapest tripod you can find on Amazon, buy a DSLR remote, and take the photos yourself.

The first bullet is required, you can pick and choose from the rest:

  • Upper-body shot of just you. Ideally taken with a DSLR with you in focus with a blurred, interesting background, wearing nicely-styled clothes (a suit if you’re over 25, a button-down or something else nice if you’re under 25).
  • You with a dog or some other sort of animal. Only do this if you actually like animals.
  • You with a group of friends. You should be as tall or taller and as attractive or more attractive than every friend in the photo. All of your friends must be decently attractive and not low-status (i.e. if this photo was taken at an anime convention, you’re toast).
  • You doing [insert hobby here]. Snowboarding, DJing, skydiving, climbing, playing a high-status sport (sorry, Magic: The Gathering doesn’t count).
  • You in an exotic location.
  • You doing something that indicates you’re a leader of men. Holding a microphone, giving a speech, standing on stage, etc.
  • A candid, shirtless photo (e.g. playing sports, on a beach). If you cannot bench your bodyweight and/or squat/deadlift 1.75x your bodyweight AND are less than 18% bodyfat, skip this. If you don’t have a candid shirtless photo, a non-candid is OK, but you’ll get worse results.

Once you have the photos, pick out 10-12 that you think are good and send them to three girls you’ve hooked up with in the past to get their advice on which to use. Close female friends are a decent secondary options. Photofeeler is a distant third.

App Setup and Swiping

General App Setup

  1. Create a fake Gmail account.
  2. Use the fake Gmail account to create a fake Facebook account with your real first and last name (you don’t have to use your last name if you’re not using Hinge). If you’re 28-35 and want to fuck 18-22 year olds, put your age as 27. This has the added advantage of giving you a 50% discount on Tinder Plus, as we’ll see later.


  1. Download Tinder and sign up with your fake Facebook account.
  2. Verify using your phone number. This verification step is required. You used to be able to skip it by adding 100 Facebook friends, but this is no longer possible as of mid-2018.
  3. Tap “Get Tinder Plus” and purchase Plus. If you’re under 28, this should cost $9.95 a month. If you’re 28 or over, this will set you back $19.95 a month.
  4. Upload the photos you picked out in the photos section. Don’t worry about Smart Photos, it hasn’t worked in a year.
  5. Write a short, positive, non-needy bio that demonstrates higher value, e.g. “Dog whisperer. World traveler, last three trips were to Bali, Australia, and New Zealand. Avid cook, I guarantee my bacon risotto is better than yours.”
  6. Link your Instagram only if you have over 1000 followers and/or you have interesting photos that show a high-value lifestyle (e.g. travel, parties, friends).
  7. Go to settings and set your distance range to the furthest range you think a girl would be willing to travel to meet you. Use the Gmaps Radius tool to figure out what the radius of your surrounding area is.
  8. Set your age range to 18 at the low end and whatever the age of the oldest woman you’d have sex with is at the high end.
  9. Go to and set up the Chrome extension so you can swipe and message from your computer. (Note: guys are reporting that this extension no longer works. If anyone can figure it out or has an alternative, let me know)
  10. Start swiping with Tind3r. Your minimum for a right swipe would be a girl you’d have sex with if she were to come directly to your house with no monetary investment from you. Do not swipe right on every girl, it brutalizes your private Tinder “Elo score”.
  11. Don’t read bios or look at photos or Instagrams. You should spend less than a second looking at each profile’s photos before determining how to swipe. I can swipe about 75 girls a minute accurately with Tind3r and double that using my phone. This means, assuming 5000 girls are in your area, you should only need to waste about ten minutes a day swiping.
  12. Every day, use your 5 superlikes on girls you think are just out of your range. E.g. if you generally fuck 5s and 6s, use superlikes on 6.5s and the odd 7.
  13. Swipe only during idle time, i.e. when you’re on public transportation or on the toilet.
  14. On Sunday between 8 and 10 AM, use your one free monthly Boost, which will put your profile at the top of every girl’s stack in your area for 30 minutes. You don’t have to swipe during this Boost, it doesn’t have any effect on the matches you’ll get.


  1. Download Bumble and sign up with your fake email address.
  2. Upload the same photos and use the same bio as you did on Tinder. If you linked your Instagram on Tinder, mention it in your bio.
  3. Use the same distance and age settings that you did on Tinder.
  4. For Bumble, you’re going to autoswipe. First, download AutoHotKey on your computer. Edit AutoHotKey.ahk and paste the following in:

toggle = 0
#MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2

Toggle := !Toggle
While Toggle{
Send r
sleep 2000
Send g
sleep 2000

  1. Download BlueStacks, an Android emulator. Run through the setup.
  2. Download Bumble on your BlueStacks instance. Log in with your fake email address.
  3. In the bottom right, click on the icon of the keyboard and map “r” to “Swipe Up” and “g” to Swipe Right.
  4. While on the swipe screen, hit F7. Let the autoswiper run until you run out of profiles to swipe on (you won’t be able to use your computer while you do this, so use a different computer or run it overnight).


  1. Download Hinge and sign in with your fake email address.
  2. Use the same photos you did with Tinder, but remove any shirtless photos if they’re not candid.
  3. If you’re under 5’10”, add an inch to your height.
  4. If you have a medium to high-status job, list it.
  5. If you went to college, list it.
  6. Answer three of the questions in a witty, intellectual way. Use good grammar and proofread for spelling.
  7. Start viewing profiles. Never like any of the photos of the girls, but rather their questions directly (shows interest in their “mind” rather than their appearance).
  8. Don’t waste your time leaving a comment with your like unless you have something interesting to say (e.g. if she says she wants to go to Ecuador on her bucket list, mention that you just got back from there).

Coffee Meets Bagel

  1. Download Coffee Meets Bagel and sign in with your fake email address.
  2. Use the same photos you did with Hinge.
  3. Follow the same Hinge guidelines about height, job and education.
  4. Use the same questions you answered for Hinge but warp the answers to fit Coffee Meets Bagel’s scheme for “I am…”, “I like…” and “I appreciate when my date…”
  5. Go to suggested and like all the Bagels you’re attracted to.
  6. Go to discovery and like girls until you run out of beans.
  7. Repeat this process every day at noon (when your bagels have been replenished).


  1. Download Happn and sign in with your fake email address.
  2. Use the same photos and bio you did with Tinder. If you linked your Instagram to Tinder, link it here as well.
  3. If you never leave your house, sign out of Happn on your phone and sign into Happn on BlueStacks. Use the BlueStacks location feature to change your location to where hot girls live/work/hang out. Change your location once a day.

App Messaging

If you’re playing this right, matches should be rolling in on all of your apps. You’re going to use the exact same openers and messaging format for every app.

  1. Open a girl with a non-needy, unique opener (I’m not going to post examples here, because if I do they’ll start getting used and not be unique anymore). The opener should ideally assume something about her and end in a question mark, but doesn’t have to.
  2. Gauge her response, and write back, using less text than her. If she hasn’t asked you a question (also known as the hook point), provide some information, like a DHV about yourself, and ask her another question.
  3. If she’s asking you questions back, you have a green light. Respond something like “That sounds cool, we should grab a drink. I’m free [x] or [y] day, let me know what works for you.” Based on her response, tell her where and when to meet you.
  4. If she’s not asking you questions back, you have a yellow light. Keep DHVing and teasing her for a few more lines until you get her to invest. If she’s not investing but still responding, hit her with the date pitch after a maximum of five messages from each of you.
  5. If she’s being combative, you have a red light. Stay non-reactive and playful. Keep DHVing and teasing her until you have a yellow or a green light, at which point you should pitch the date.

Other tips:

  • Ignore any rules about waiting a certain amount of time to text back. The minute you match with a girl, you are already fighting a losing battle against her attention. Reply back as soon as possible and keep her engaged.
  • If a girl stops responding, wait 2-3 days (at least) and hit her back with a funny respawn text teasing her for disappearing. I’m not going to post mine, but if she’s riding a horse in her profile, here’s a mediocre example: “Did you fall off your horse and die? Let me know where I should send flowers.” Do this twice, and wait 2-3 days between each message. If she doesn’t respond, leave her and work another girl.
  • Burn every lead to the ground. You should be messaging and scheduling dates with every girl you match with in order to cultivate abundance.

If you want examples, I recommend the breakdowns on Playing with Fire. He’s the only guy I know that provides full screenshots of all his messages from opener to sex (keep in mind, however, that he is above average looks and runs shirtless photo + explicit bio game. If you’re average, you can’t expect these results, but his messaging is good).

Weekly Routine

The above will cover you for the first week. After that, you’ll notice that your matches are going to fall off. This is because Tinder and Bumble give newbies an early boost to get their profiles shown to more people. So every Sunday night, here’s what you’re going to do:

  1. Create a new fake Gmail account and Facebook profile.
  2. Go into your Bumble and Tinder accounts associated with your old fake email and hide the profiles to the public. This will make it so you can still chat with your old matches, but won’t have two profiles up at once.
  3. Create new Bumble and Tinder accounts. Follow the exact same methods as you did last week regarding using your Tinder Boost and autoswiping on Bumble, but tweak your photos/bio using feedback from the last week.

It should take less than an hour to do this each week, but you’ll get 50% more matches, not only with the newbie boost, but also because you’ll be shown to different girls each week due to the random nature of Tinder.


Number of matches per week is going to completely depend on physical attractiveness and quality of profile, as well as your sexual market value in your city compared to the male competition on the apps.

Here are my average weekly results as an average-looking guy in San Francisco, the hardest city in the United States for average guys:

  • 52 matches (30 from Tinder, 7 messages from Bumble, 13 from Hinge, 1 from CoffeeMeetsBagel, 1 from Happn)
  • 36 matches worth opening (rest were errant swipes or I had buyers remorse)
  • 17 matches reply
  • 5 matches schedule a date
  • 2 matches actually show up to the date (the rest flake or logistics don’t work)

Two dates a week is on the low end for cultivating abundance, so if you’re getting worse results than this, something is wrong. You need to improve your sexual market value, photos, openers, or messaging.

It’s impossible to provide generic troubleshooting steps because every guy will have different problems, but if you contact me through the Contact Form on my site, I’m happy to help.

Finally, you’ll notice I didn’t provide any information for what to actually do on a date. That’s because this has been written about extensively by other guys. I recommend Blackdragon or JMULV for more on that.

Threesome in Cabo San Lucas

Last night, I crossed a threesome off my bucket list in the most vivid, spontaneous sexual experience of my life.

I’ve been been staying in an AirBnB in Cabo San Lucas over the Christmas holiday, and last night I was sitting in a taqueria finishing dinner. I got a new Tinder match notification: two photos, one of the girl far away sitting in a dock with a bikini and another low-quality one of her on a boat. 25 years old. No bio. Typical for Mexican girls. She immediately opened with “Oiiiiii” signaling that she was not Mexican as I had previously thought, but Brazilian. I speak a little Portuguese, so we made small talk, and even with my very limited language level, I could tell from her messages that this girl was down to clown:

Quer fazer alguma coisa? (You want to do something?)
To um pouco aburrida e voce
(I’m a little bored, and you)
To procuprando uma despedida hoje. Noite loca. Alguma ideia?
(I need a send-off tonight. A crazy night. Any ideas?)

After recognizing her buying temperature was hot, I immediately got her number to handle logistics. I sent her my WhatsApp location and she said her friend was going to drop her off. This small detail turned out to be very fortuitous for what was to come: she couldn’t find my place, so she and the friend drove to the parking lot of a restaurant nearby and walked to find me on the street. As they walked up, I sized them up: the Brazilian was curvy with DDD breasts and a spankable ass, and her friend, a Mexican, was even hotter — clearly older, but well-dressed, petite, and in great shape.

Previously, I’ve had girls try to bring their friends on dates, which I’m never cool with because it destroys intimacy, so I immediately tried to get a handle on the situation by asking the friend if she planned to come to my place as well. She assured me she was just there to make sure things were safe.

My mind brazenly rushed to thoughts of coordinating the first threesome of my life. I started kinoing the friend as we walked towards my place. I learned that she was Mexican, had lived in los Cabos for two years, and that the Brazilian girl was actually half-Brazilian, half-Mexican (so we quickly switched to speaking Spanish). Along the way the girls let me know that they were stoned and clearly a little drunk. Bingo.

As we walked through the foyer of my apartment and enter the doors, I started relaxing and getting into my normal date routine — aggressive physicality, teasing, leading, and joking. I switched my kino quickly to the Brazilian target as to not make her jealous. Both sat down on my couch and the Mexican made no move to leave. Bango.

I mixed them rum and cokes and sat down between them on the couch, kinoing both at the same time as I continued to be my normal self — cocky, funny, and irreverent. At this point, it was very clear that the Brazilian’s body language was open and compliant, while the Mexican’s body language was somewhat neutral (but she wasn’t pushing away my hand that was rubbing her leg either). I knew I had to focus more on the Mexican to make her more comfortable. I turned to her, made strong eye contact, and started asking her comfort-building questions. I made sure at all points during the night to not focus my attention too much on one of the girls — just as one was starting to feel left out, I switched back to her.

Right after I started playing with the Brazilian’s hair, I went in for the makeout and she reciprocated enthusiastically. The Mexican girl excused herself to the bathroom and we laughed, telling her to come back. I whispered into the Brazilian’s ear:

“Have you ever kissed your friend?”
“No, but I want to.” Bongo.

At this point, the Mexican announced she was going to leave, but the Brazilian begged her to stay. I knew I had to get them to kiss in order to continue the escalation, so I sat them both next to each other on the couch and told the Mexican her friend had a confession to make. They both started laughing uncontrollably (the weed was still doing its work at this point), and the Mexican continued insisting that she was going to go and leave us to it, packing up her stuff and trying to head out the door.

I decided to run a distraction. I grabbed the Mexican and insisted she teach me how to dance. At this point I was grabbing her ass, continuing kino escalation, and she was completely compliant. I stared into her eyes and passionately made out with her, as she exclaimed to her friend, “Sí besa rico, ey?” (“Damn, he’s a great kisser, no?”) Nothing like hearing that compliment to spike one’s ego! The Brazilian got up and started rubbing my abs through my shirt, and I joked that they were going to have to earn me taking my shirt off by kissing each other: “Just one little kiss!” I laughed.

While things were escalating, the experience kept looking like it was in jeopardy, because the Mexican was embarrassed and continued to claim she was going to leave, and the Brazilian told her that if she left, she was going with her. Every time this happened, I just kissed one of them again and sat them back down. Eventually, I got them to make out, and watching how passionate they were with each other, I was confident at this point that there was no going back. Still, they kept throwing up objections, telling me that it was the first time either of them had done anything like this. The Mexican asked me if I had done this before and I gave a vague yes (a white lie!), assuring them that if anything were to happen, all three of us needed to be completely comfortable with each other.

In order to heat them up, I sat them both back down on the couch, dialed back the escalation and demanded that they answer a question: “What is the thing that scares you the most in life?” They started cracking up and both told me the thing they were scared most of was having a threesome. I continued with a second question: “Name one feature you find most attractive about each other person here.” This calmed them down and got them warmed up to start making out again. At this point, they joked that I needed to make them another drink while they explored each other. While I mixed more rum and cokes, I went into the kitchen and snapped this photo, a nice digital memory of the night:


From there, it was the standard business of slow escalation; the Brazilian and I tag-teamed the Mexican, one of us kissing her as the other removed her dress, after which the Mexican and I switched roles to do the same to the Brazilian. They ended up in only underwear and I led them over to the bed.

The next two hours comprised the greatest sexual experience of my life. My only reference experience at this point was porn, and I organized every position I could imagine: me fucking one of the girls in missionary while the other kissed her and massaged her breasts, then flipping her over and fucking her doggy while she ate out the other, then repeating the same with the other girl. I went three rounds with little time in between (a rarity for me, I usually have a 40+ minute refractory period).

Afterwards, we lay on the bed for more than an hour, relaxing, laughing and cuddling, and recounting the experience. I took the time to quiz them and get the full story:

  • The Brazilian girl had a boyfriend of two years and had never cheated on him. She got the idea he was sleeping around, and was using this to get back at him.
  • While the girls were drinking on the beach earlier in the day, she mentioned that she was horny to the Mexican, who suggested she download Tinder.
  • She had matched and talked to other guys, but I was the only one who spoke Portuguese, which sealed the deal for her.
  • The Mexican had planned to drop her friend off and leave immediately after verifying that I wasn’t a serial killer, but decided to stay. because she thought I was funny and cool.
  • They both had no idea this was going to happen. For both, it was not only the first time they had been in a threesome, but also the first time they had been with another girl.
  • The Mexican revealed she was 37 years old — a complete surprise, as I took her for a decade younger. She was 5’3″ and had a tight body, great skin, and a couple fun tattoos
  • The Mexican told me I looked “evil” in my Tinder photos, which both girls loved.

Overall, it was a testament to how far my game has come over the past year and a half. Reading previous reference experiences and hearing other threesome stories informed my decisions throughout the night and ensured that I was able to lead the girls into making things happen.

To many more!

I’m not attracting the types of girls I want to attract

In Minimal Game, Aaron Sleazy says:

A prudent businessman will not try to sell his services to all people. Instead, he will take their actual needs into account and evaluate his abilities. to solve his customers’ problems. You, as a conscientious guy, should also wisely select the women you pursue. Know your preferences, strengths and weaknesses! This is much more sensible than going after random women and hoping that one will eventually bite

If you don’t get anywhere with a particular kind of girl, you have two options:

  • Focus on different women
  • Change yourself

This is become more and more apparent the more I learn about game.

Unfortunately, I have a big incongruency between the types of girls that are into me, and the types of girls I WANT to fuck.

I have 14 flags, I’ve been all around the world, but my three weaknesses are all American stereotypes:

1. American sorority girls


2. Instagram thots (usually mixed or latina)


3. Gym rats:


The problem is that in the year and a half I’ve been in the game, I haven’t been able to pull any of these girls. Obviously, the examples I gave are all 8s and 9s. But even the 6s and 7s that fit into these categories have proven to be impossible.

Instead, these are the types of women that are into me:

1. Shy Latina girls

They love that I speak Spanish, and these types of girls generally speak no or very poor English, even the ones that live in the US.

2. Crazy, slightly chubby white girls

You know, the really slutty ones with the crazy eyes who are down to fuck within 20 minutes? They love me.

3. Middle to upper-middle class black girls

Any black girl that’s college educated is extremely attracted to me, for some reason. Think an Erykah Badu type with natural hair.

4. Intellectual social justice warrior white girls

I absolutely crush it with these girls. It’s like they can smell my liberal arts education a mile away. Whenever I use Hinge, I match with a ton of these girls, and San Francisco is full of them, but they give me severe limp dick. Fine to have as friends, but zero sexual attraction to me.

How can I change this?

Just like Aaron Sleazy says above, I truly believe that the only way to fuck these girls is to change your lifestyle completely. This would mean changing my social circle, clothing style, attitude, and even dumbing down my intelligence.

Sorority girls are all social circle, and are less likely to date an older guy unless they are sugaring. I’ve also found that they’re unwilling to date a guy with a shaved head. You basically need to be the total stereotype of a WASPy American frat bro. So to fuck these girls, I would need to become these guys:


Instagram thots date low-class white new money men with social ecosystem status and extremely attractive black and latino guys. My look, while fairly serious, isn’t edgy enough. I’d need to become this guy:


Now, I have a great physique and technically I should be able to attract fit girls. But just a great physique isn’t enough. You actually have to have an out of proportion physique to attract fit girls, as well as go to a higher-class gym, work out in swagged out workout gear and approach girls at the gym. I’d need to become this guy:


So what can be done? I don’t want to make the lifestyle changes at the moment to fit my looks into any of the above categories. Becoming a frat bro would be hardest because I’d have to change my entire social circle around. Becoming a gangster would be hard because I’m not willing to get tattoos. Becoming a jacked dude would be fairly easy, but I need to maintain an athletic physique for external athletic pursuits at the moment, so I can’t use steroids or get too big.

One thing I’ve thought about is running three separate Tinder profiles. Each would have completely different photos and portray me in totally separate looks. Of course, everything would fall apart after hooking up with a Tinder girl a couple times because they’d get to know the real me, but at least I could fake it for a while.

Flake redemption: +1 23-year-old redhead

Last night, I redeemed the flake from Yohami breaks down the texts before a flake by taking her out to a bar, inviting her back to my place within an hour, and fucking her hard.

I reset my Tinder account every two weeks. Every guy should be doing this. Not only do you get a bonus the first few days after a reset because Tinder shows your profile to more girls, you also get shown to a completely random and different subset of girls.

This leads to me matching many girls over multiple resets. I have a few openers I use for repeats, but the one below may be my new favorite. Here’s the short conversation after the she rematched me:


And our texts:

2017-12-13 08.44.17

I invested as little as possible. This girl had already flaked, and I expected her to do it again, so I sent a short confirmation text around midday, and surprisingly she reciprocated.

When she showed up to the bar, it was on. I never understood what guys meant when they said it was “on” with a girl until very recently, so I’m going to attempt to verbalize this most extreme case:

  • She walked in the bar smiling, and the way she walked up to me looked into my eyes, it felt like she would have been fine with me grabbing her and kissing her right there (I hugged her instead)
  • I led her with a hand on her back towards the bar stools, and as we sat, my hand was on her leg immediately. Full compliance.
  • Within three minutes of sitting down, she looked my outfit up and down and says “You look good, by the way.”
  • Within 20 minutes, my hand was resting dangerously close to her crotch through her yoga pants.
  • She continued to laugh at my teases and jokes, staring me intently in the eyes between each one.
  • 40 minutes in. “Do you get along with your parents?”, I asked, now running my fingers through her hair. She doesn’t. Bingo.

As with all of my dates, I led her down the path of sex talk. We talked about her experiences on Tinder (“I’m OK with casual”, she said) and dating in the city she moved from. Strangely, she put a stop to it after a couple of questions:

“What’s one fantasy you’ve wanted to try that you haven’t gotten around to yet?”
“…I think I’m too sober for this conversation.”

I need to make these questions feel more natural. Something I’m still working on.

An hour in and I felt like I needed to pull fast. But I still struggle with making the pull feel natural. I hadn’t seeded anything back at my house, so I asked her if she had ever drank pisco. I told her I had some back at my place and we were going to go there and drink it.  “I don’t even know what that is!” she laughed. “It’s a cane sugar alcohol. The drink of the gods. Everyone that comes over gets some.” “Who says I’m going back with you?” I pause for two seconds and smile: “You don’t have to.” “Maybe another time.” she laughed. “That’s OK.” I said.

I can’t remember what happened after that, only that I think I did a pretty good job of masking my surprise that she rejected the pull. I’m pretty sure I changed the subject to what her life philosophy was. “Right now, it’s just to have more fun. Which means I should probably say yes to going to your place.” “Come back with me. Just one drink.” “OK, just one drink. Let’s do it. I’m down.”

At home, she sat on my bed, and I didn’t even get a chance to pour the drink before she was behind me all of a sudden, begging me with her eyes to kiss her as I turned around. She wore no panties and no bra to the bar. Checkmate.

The sex itself was not physically great. It’s interesting — emotionally you can connect with someone just fine, and they can be compliant with all of your wishes, but for some reason, the angles, shape, and position of her body and various holes just don’t work perfectly with your dick. I find this fascinating. With some girls, I want to come within seconds of fucking them. With others it takes 15 minutes. Some, I can come from them riding me, some from missionary, most from doggy. This is why I am baffled when guys decide to settle down after so few sexual partners. Of the almost 50 women I’ve been with only a few have come close to the physical chemistry I desire.

The whole night I was incredibly dominant and she was incredibly compliant. Choking. Hair-pulling. Spanking. Biting. I’m getting better at emotionally dominating and turning girls with words by whispering into their ears. This session was perhaps my crowning moment:

“You like being my little cockslut?”
“I love how you look when you take my cock all the way down your throat.”
“Whose pussy is it?”
“Next time, you’re going to come over, wearing a cute outfit with nothing underneath, and without saying a word, I’m going to grab you, pin you against the wall, and start ripping your clothes off.”

Sex can be an outlet for creative oratory endeavors. (And if you’re reading this after I eventually get doxxed, thank God I decided long ago I was never running for public office.)

A couple things I didn’t like:

  • I made her come multiple times, but she squirted everywhere, all over my duvet cover and my quilt. She was very apologetic, but I can see that getting old.
  • She wasn’t pubically well-groomed. This is a big turn-off for me. I dealt with it, but I’m still figuring out how to subcommunicate to girls that I don’t like this and they need to shave for me. In retrospect, I probably could have done this while I was whispering fantasies into her ears during the many moments of compliance she had.

All in all, a good night. The first redeemed flake of my life. Who says it can’t happen?