The First 100 Lays: By The Numbers

I hit lay number 100 last night, and I thought it would be fun to do a little breakdown.

Though numbers are numbers, they of course fail to accurately represent the amazing, fun experiences I’ve had along the way. I have truly enjoyed getting to know every girl I’ve ever been with and (hopefully) leaving them better off than I found them.

Here’s to life after 100!

By Year

2012-2015: 4
2016: 20 (started using Bumble/Tinder when it was still easy)
2017: 28
2018: 21
2019: 4 (I had “retired” from Game and had a weekly fuckbuddy)
2020: 0 (became a pandemic virgin)
2021: 16
2022: 7 (so far…)


First date lays or pulls: 90
Second date lays: 10
Third date lays: never waited this long 😉

Lead Source

Online: 80
Daygame: 11
Party/Event: 3
Promoting: 3
Social Circle: 2
Nightgame: 1


White: 38
Latina: 25
Asian: 16
Black: 9
Indian: 6
Turk/Arab/Persian: 3
Pacific Islander: 1
Mixed Black/White: 1

Flags: 20 (USA, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Canada, Turkey, Dominican Republic, China, Thailand, Colombia, Guatemala, Germany, India, Argentina, Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Mongolia, Belarus)

Most Common Flags Besides USA: Argentina (4), Mexico (4)


United States: 83
Mexico: 3
Dominican Republic: 3
Guatemala: 3
India: 2
Spain: 2
Canada: 2
Taiwan: 1
Argentina: 1


Average: 6.2
Median: 6.5
Best: 8.5 (2x, both from Miami daygame)
Worst: 3 (My first online lay ever, I fucked an obese chick. I’ve come a long way)


Oldest: 42
Youngest: 18

Tallest: 5’11” (I’m 5’8″)
Shortest: 4’10”

Virgins: 1 (a high schooler from Tinder. Took two dates and lots of comfort)

Threesomes: 1


One-night stands: 80
Girls I’ve slept with more than once: 20
Girls I’ve slept with more than twice: 9
Relationships: 0
Longest fuckbuddy: 16 months


I’ve tracked the cost of every date/pull of my entire life:

Total spent: $708
Total spent including dates where I didn’t get laid: $1691 (this indicates a cost per new lay of at least ~$17, it’s surely more since I don’t count instadates or failed pulls)
Most expensive date/pull: $63 (this was actually number 100; paid for rides from the club to my house and then back to hers)
Number of lays that cost me nothing: 58

4 thoughts on “The First 100 Lays: By The Numbers

  1. Hey Pancake.

    Congrats on 100. That is lot of adventure. A lot of experience (of some kind). And probably some very good experiences.

    >> 100 girls
    >> Girls I’ve slept with more than once: 20
    >> Girls I’ve slept with more than twice: 9

    These stats are so unusual. Especially for a guy that wasn’t a club/bar/alcohol(ic)/entertainment guy. And this is what I mean by “experience of some kind.”

    You are very unusual. Your stats are unusual. And if you’re basing your read of reality on *this* kind of experience… your read won’t apply to a lot of reality in the SMP.

    I think guys reading this should see that.

    I think you have shown a ton of skill (of some kind, or many kinds). Certainly. And you are very good to post your stats… particularly these ones I am highlighting. For the record, I think my stats are probably almost opposite… maybe 80% of the girls I saw more than once (that is even with lots of travel and “jaunt” notches). My number is not as high as yours, but it’s high… and very few ONS. I have had dozens of relationships, with less lays than you.

    So for guys reading this… a wise man would carefully interpret what he is seeing. And what he wants. And analyze the stats from here.

    Again, congratulations to you. I hope you find what you’re looking for. And I hope you and the girls have a really great time, as you do it.


  2. Congratulations! I’m really impressed by how consistently you’ve tracked metrics throughout your time gaming. The date breakdowns and percentage of daygame/nightgame/online are also interesting, just goes to show how everyone in the game ends up finding their own niche and forte.

    Here are mine:

    Total: 45

    Social Circle (includes college, workplace, old high school acquaintances, parties etc etc): 21

    Cold Approach(includes daygame and nightgame): 19

    Some overlap between social circle and cold approach (example: someone I cold approach turns out to be a friend of a friend, and I invite her for a day2 social event) – -this used to happen quite frequently when I was in the live music business, since I’d often run into girls who knew friends of mine in the entertainment/nightlife industry during cold approach.

    Online: 5

    LTRs: 6 – – five from social circle, one from cold approach, one from online

    Remaining stats are pretty fuzzy:

    Most girls I’ve slept with at least twice, most of them have been on the second date. Funnily enough, it’s often either the second date or a same day/night lay, first date closes are pretty rare for me.

    Most of the lays have been in the three cities I’ve spent most of my life in, and the ones from travel have usually been social circle (friend of someone who’s place I’m staying at etc).

    Every single same day/night lay has been a tourist girl, a girl who just moved to the city, or a girl who just broke up with her boyfriend.

    Youngest 17, oldest 31.

    Tallest: 5’9, Shortest: 5’0 (I’m 5’7)

    Oh and I’ve never had sex with a virgin.


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