Daygame and Nightgame in Miami

From November 2021 to February 2022, I lived in Miami and gamed obsessively, racking up near-daily daygame sessions, ~25 nightgame cold approach sessions, and ~10 nightgame sessions running a promoter’s table at more exclusive clubs. The following represents my personal experience as well information from around dozen local wings.


I found that Miami was in fact quite a different experience than its reputation holds. The main reason is that almost all the information about Miami comes from pre-pandemic, while the culture surrounding Game has shifted extensively post-pandemic. Changes in tourism, popular nightgame venues, and the rise of online game have made Miami more of a winner-take-all city than in years past.

Though the city has bar none the most attractive girls in the United States, cold approach advocates are going to have a hard time, as social circle is required to close the 8+s.

Nightgame seems promising from the outside, but is actually nearly impossible to get results, especially as the culture around going out has shifted post-pandemic.

Daygame in Miami is underrated, but remains a grind, as the open culture of the city means that girls get approached all the time.


There are three main daygame venues: Miami Beach, Brickell, and various malls spread throughout the city.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach, the tourism center of Miami, is the easiest and most effective place for daygame, and is particularly recommended if you’re just here for a short time, as you’ll have the highest chance of closing a solo tourist.


You’ll find the following archetypes over and over in Miami Beach:

  • Argentinian seasonal workers: the place is overrun with them, and they make up the plurality of sets. They all look the same: slender, olive-skinned blonde goddesses (most from Córdoba) with great asses, dressed in minimalist clothing (black, white, wearing black and white Vans Old Skools). As tempting as they are, I recommend avoiding this demographic. They all come in big groups and with friends, and are generally unwilling to fuck outside of their social circles. I got a few dates, but ultimately got nowhere with them, despite 100+ approaches, fluent Spanish, and vast knowledge of Argentinian culture. If you do decide to pursue them, note that a lot of comfort will be required, as they’re very comfort-based.
  • Russian locals: For some reason, the West side of Miami Beach is populated by thousands of Russian women with a ton of plastic surgery. They tend to be 30+, and they are stone-cold bitches. Approaching them usually means an auto-rejection, especially because they get approached all the time. AVOID.
  • Tourist groups: generally, groups of friends are going to be non-viable. They’re usually only in town for the weekend and women aren’t going to take time away from their friends to fuck a random guy. Wait for nightgame. Families are a little bit of a different story – I had some luck with girls that wanted to escape their family for a bit.
  • Solo tourists: your bread and butter. If you see a solo tourist, you should do anything for the chance to approach her, as she’ll be orders of magnitude more viable than other sets. 5 of my 7 daygame lays were solo tourists.
  • Mainland locals: sometimes locals will come to Miami Beach from the mainland. These girls typically have social circles and aren’t really that viable. I never had any luck with them, despite getting many numbers.

Keep in mind that many girls you meet during daygame will only speak Spanish, even those that live in Miami. Brushing up on your Spanish is recommended.


There are three main daygame spots: Lincoln Road, an outdoor mall stretching horizontal across the top of the below map, Ocean Drive, the main street promenade and path along the beach, and South Beach itself.

South Beach

One of the most amazing things about Miami Beach daygame is that you’re afforded the opportunity to game on the beach itself. The viable beach daygame area runs from about 20th St until 5th St, and peak beach hours are 10 AM to 1 PM.

Because every set is seated, and sets tend to be close to each other, you’ll want to think of the beach like a long, thin nightgame venue. Shot selection is very important here: once you decide to approach one girl, consider that area “burned”, as everyone around you will be able to see you did the approach. For this reason, it’s optimal to do a lap around the entire beach, first approaching the part away from the ocean (with the beach chairs), then approaching closer to the ocean on the way down (where you’ll find more locals, as typically the chairs are reserved for hotel guests).

It can be a tougher ask to instadate a girl off the beach, but I’ve done it and I know a couple wings that have as well. This gets easier the further into the afternoon you get. Otherwise, the best option is just to stay in set for a little bit and grab numbers.

Keep in mind that nightclub promoters (I was one) walk the beach as well, looking for leads. If you’re direct, you have a better shot at standing out from them. Approaching shirtless/in beach gear also helps to set yourself apart, as promoters dress in normal clothes (often wearing shoes).

Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road, an enclosed pedestrian road doubling as an outdoor mall, is by far my favorite place I’ve ever daygamed. It almost feels like a tutorial level in a video game: you walk the same six blocks over and over, up one side and down the other, watching the same NPC archetypes pop up: Argentinian seasonal workers, stone-faced Russian chicks, EF language school students, and locals from the mainland doing their shopping.

It should take you 30-45 minutes to complete a “Lincoln Lap”, which means walking up and down both sides of Lincoln Road. Once you’re done, just do it all over again. In general, the viable sets get worse the further West you go on the road, as you’ll run into less tourists and more stone-faced Russian locals. If volume is low, you might think of skipping the last 1-2 blocks.

Lincoln Road doesn’t tend to get popping until around 3:30-4:30 on weekdays, while weekends you’ll get more consistent traffic after noon. Volume tends to die down around 7:00-8:00 PM. Weekday overall volume can be very low, but the number of solo sets is highly increased, whereas weekends will have more groups and families.

You may have to practice indoor approaching if you aren’t comfortable with it, but once you are, the clothing stores will become a big ally, especially Forever 21, H&M, and Zara. These become solace on the odd rainy/cold day.

There are several good instadate spots that line the road: two Starbucks and a café called PAUL (which double as good public bathroom locations). Segafredo is always an option. I wouldn’t recommend grabbing an alcoholic drink with girls, as the drinks all over Miami Beach are ridiculously expensive ($20 for a cocktail). Lincoln Eatery and TimeOut Market are great options for food dates (and they also have public bathrooms – Lincoln Eatery in particular has individual bathrooms, should you need to pull a girl to one).

It’s your call whether you want to approach in front of the restaurant greeters. I tried to avoid it, since I was a local, but if you’re just there for a short trip, it might not matter. Also, note that Lincoln Road is public property – there aren’t any security guards, just police.

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive, the main street and promenade that runs along the beach, is the next viable option after Lincoln Road dies down. You’re going to get way more tourists here, and they’ll primarily be in 2-sets and groups, but if you do encounter the odd solo tourists, consider this your bread and butter.

Volume starts to pick up on Ocean around 8 PM, as the tourists bustle about heading to dinner and strolling around before going out for the night. Street game is viable all the way past midnight.

For instadates, the only real close options are an expensive drink at one of the bars, or a couple cafés on Collins Ave, one street over. The beach is also open until 10 PM for isolation or fucking purposes.

Ocean Drive starts at 15th Street, and I wouldn’t go past 7th Street, as the volume drops precipitously. 11th to 7th is really the main area. I highly recommend biking it, due to the low percentage of solo sets and the quickness that the street refreshes.

Collins Ave. and Washington Ave.

Collins (where the majority of the tourist hotels are located) runs parallel to Ocean one street over, and Washington runs parallel two streets over. These have significantly less volume, but are worth checking out in a punch. Again, I recommend biking them.

I would not recommend gaming any location on Miami Beach outside of the above-listed areas. You’re liable to run into only locals, who are extremely unreceptive to being approached (because it happens to them so often).


If you’re on the mainland, Brickell, headlined by Brickell City Centre outdoor mall, is by far the best daygame location. It also has by far the best quality in Miami daygame — there are some true stunners here.

Expect to get more blowouts, especially during rush hour, and because you’re dealing with locals, who get approached more often.

Other Options (Malls, Campuses)

If you live further from downtown, your best option are the malls: Sawgrass, Aventura, and Dolphin. Because Miami gets more Spanish-speaking the further you get from downtown, expect Spanish to be the dominant language here.

UMiami and Florida International University campuses are daygameable during the school year, but you’re unlikely to get much reception unless you’re an actual student.


Nightgame in Miami post-pandemic is a gigantic disappointment. I’m glad to have the opportunity to publish this post, because I think the reputation of Miami in the community as a nightgame paradise needs to be destroyed.

During my time in Miami, we formed a brain trust to share information about viable and pullable venues for nightgame. We explored almost everywhere and came up empty. The major problem? The pandemic totally shifted nightgame in Miami. It’s impossible to overstate how much of an affect this had: guys that were pulling all the time pre-pandemic started getting nothing post-pandemic. In 25 nights out doing nightgame cold approach in Miami, I did not pull once, and this is not an uncommon experience among other guys that I know.

South Beach used to be much more popular, now most people go out on the mainland. Most doors got harder, and venues started charging to get in. The biggest problem, though, is that girls now go out socially, not with the intention of getting laid. Easy DTF sets are almost impossible to come by.

That being said, if you’re still willing to experience the pain of Miami cold approach nightgame, read on.

General Advice

Be prepared to stay out late. Girls will generally have an early spot (e.g. The Wharf) and a late spot (e.g. E11EVEN). Not being able to pull until past 4 AM is common.

Social circle is everything. Most girls go out in groups, even mixed groups. Almost every guy I knew who pulled did so by infiltrating a group and staying with them the whole night.

Bike everywhere. Ubering between venues gets expensive, and volume and quality can vary drastically depending on the night. Brickell and Wynwood are a 12 minute bike ride away, and Miami Beach is “only” a 35 minute bike ride from either.

Nightgame is pay-to-play here. All the venues with expensive cover have excellent quality and good gender ratios. All the free venues have shit quality and shit gender ratios. There’s not really a good free venue to simply “practice cold approach”.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is the has-been of Miami nightgame. A decade ago and further back, it was the shining jewel of nightlife. But after a low decline, the pandemic shifted all the girls onto the mainland, or into exclusive, table-only venues, leaving basically nothing viable for cold approach.

Exclusive Venues

  • LIV – the king of Miami nightlife. Has the best quality ever seen in Miami… but you’re gonna pay for it. Expect $80+ cover here on a slow night.
  • Story – same deal as LIV. Good quality, great gender ratio, expensive cover.
  • Vendome – $100 bar tab to get in. Your best bet is to bring girls to a promoter, who can get you in for free. Great gender ratio (better than 1:1 for most of the night), but most girls are at tables.

Free Venues

  • The Clevelander – if you want to dick down a tourist, this is where you do it. Free outdoor venue right in the middle of Ocean Dr.
  • Voodoo Lounge – ratchet as fuck, but worth a shot if you like black girls. Every once in a while there are some sets in here.
  • GameChanger – this is a club right next door to Vendome. It’s free Wednesdays only before 1 AM for International Wednesdays. Do not go here any other night of the week, it’s super ratchet.
  • Mynt Lounge – $40 cover. Not worth it.
  • Baoli – table club. Sometimes you can sneak in, but you don’t want to. Filled with aging Russians and washed up influencers.
  • Treehouse – EDM venue. Generally $20 cover, not great quality, and not gameable. Avoid.
  • Mango’s – Used to be the bar on South Beach, but the pandemic killed it. $30 cover after 9:30 PM and filled with MILFs and fatties.
  • Mr. Jones – pretty much impossible to access unless you have a table. Gender ratio is at least two guys for every girl.
  • Club XXIII (23) – annoying doormen, cover
  • Lost Weekend/Kill Your Idols (Miami Beach): never really any good sets. There’s an Argentinian night here on Wednesdays if you want to waste your time talking to Argentinian girls.
  • Bodega – very social-circle heavy. Sometimes $100 bar tab on weekends.

I’ve been all over Miami Beach; If you see a venue not listed here, it’s very likely that I’ve checked it out and deemed it untenable for game.


Brickell is where a lot of the nightlife has shifted to post-pandemic. The good thing is that most of the venues are free.

Free Venues

  • Komodo – pound-for-pound the best venue in Brickell. Usually free (if you’re two guys they might try to charge you, you’ll have to game the door), and high quality. The problem is that it’s small and mostly tables, so you may run out of sets. Also has a bar downstairs you can game.
  • 8th St Brickell/Bar Red/Baby Janes/Súgar/Tea Room – You can venue hop between all of these bars. Expect to find between 0 and 4 sets in all of them.
  • Sweet Caroline – pretty decent for a karaoke bar
  • El Tucán – rotates between being completely dead and/or completely social circle
  • Moxie’s – this gets talked up a lot by locals, but every time I went there were no sets.
  • Blackbird Ordinary – some of the worst quality in Miami, and everyone smokes inside. Unfortunately it’s the only option on Tuesdays.
  • Barsecco – sit-down, low-key place


Wynwood is the artsy/hipster district of Miami. Generally disappointing quality. It’s really the only option for Miami nightgame on Thursdays and Sundays.

  • Oasis – the best venue if there is a name DJ playing and if it’s free to get in. Otherwise it’s usually dead.
  • Gramps/1-800-Lucky – free venues, but trash quality.
  • Dirty Rabbit – $20 cover
  • Pilo’s – $80 cover


  • The Wharf – Oh boy, what to say about The Wharf. It’s probably the number one venue for nightgame in Miami, but it shouldn’t be. I don’t know a single person that’s pulled from here. Girls come almost exclusively in large social circles, and every weekend night it plays hosts to a PUA Royal Rumble where 12 dudes are approaching the same groups of 6s over and over. Prepare for disappointment. The only time I’ve heard of guys having success here is taking a number.
  • Lagniappe – outdoor wine spot with almost everyone either sitting down at tables or angling to get a table. Lots of quality here but it’s almost all in social circle. Can go earlier in the night.
  • Pink Flamingo/La Real – two venues within a couple blocks from each other. High variance.
  • Space – Miami’s best EDM club. Fun experience, but not really pullable until the early hours of the morning. Usually requires a ticket purchase of at least $20.
  • E11EVEN – a high class “strip club”. Usually costs a boatload to get in ($80-$100) and it’s not really gameable. If a girl ever tells you she’s going here later in the night, your set is dead.
  • The Corner – small, no sets
  • Lost Boy – no sets

By Day of Week

If I had to go somewhere each day of the week, this is what I’d do:

Monday: Swan (requires reservations, easy to make online)
Tuesday: Blackbird Ordinary for Ladies Night ($10 Cover)
Wednesday: Komodo (free, opens at 11, gets going around midnight), or International Wednesdays at GameChanger (free before 1AM)
Thursday: not really a great nightlife day. Wynwood venues are open, but not recommended.
Friday: The Wharf early, then anywhere
Saturday: The Wharf early, then anywhere
Sunday: The Wharf early, then Wynwood

Social Circle

I’m not going to cover a how-to for social circle game in Miami, but I’ll give this note: if you plan on staying in the city longer-term, social circle game is going to give you by far the best bang for your buck. All those hotties you see walking around are only accessible via social circle: tables, events, pregames and yacht parties.

My advice? For Miami residents, forget cold approach and go all in on social circle game.


Game Miami Map

Game Miami Telegram Group

Pancake’s Daily Miami Field Reports (spanning November 13, 2021 to February 9, 2022)

7 thoughts on “Daygame and Nightgame in Miami

      1. Brian

        I am going to Miami soon and the way I have it set up is I booked an airbnb near lincoln road for wed to fri to try and daygame tourists and from fri to mon I have another airbnb in brickell because the miami dudes I know online live there so I figured it would be easier to link up with them and go to bars and clubs at night in the surrounding area. What do you think of this setup? I tried to book one for five nights straight in miami beach (or south beach I honestly can’t tell them apart lol) ,but I couldn’t find one that wasn’t a 300 dollar condiminium and I think the others one had reviews that I found sus.

        Pickup advice aside could you share some tips on how to avoid trouble? I heard south beach has kind of gone downhill in recent years in terms of safety so I wanted to know what areas should I avoid. Is it safe to walk late at night by myself away from the beach and lincoln road? Brickell is pricy so I figure that’s always a safe place. What about wynwood that’s ghetto supposedly,but so is my home city new york lol. The difference is I know what areas to avoid over here.
        Also when it came to the wharf i’ve seen austen summers pull a bunch of times with his clients on his stories and he was pulling so much he got evicted from his building lol. So idk about that place being social circle only.


  1. Butters

    Nightlife in Miami has always been this way, the pandemic barely changed a thing because Florida was always open. If anything, post-pandemic has made things better in nightlife because more people have come. Years back, places like Wynnwood used to be the hood and Brickell was not nearly as developed as it is now. Your only bet was tourists because people did not see Miami as a city to live and work, only the remote work trend accelerated everything.

    Women are still going out to meet cool guys, if you cannot make it work in nightlife then that’s a you thing. I saw you make same complaints about NYC and bro, standing around to observe interracial couples? What kind of aspie shit is that?


  2. It’s funny you bring up the word weird, because I couldn’t think of anything more weird than constantly expressing your “concern” for me, and despite the fact that we’ve (apparently) met in real life, thinking that the appropriate venue to express these concerns are in public anonymous comments on a blog, rather than simply… talking to me in private. This says a lot about your personal cowardice, apparently.

    I’m deleting your comments as I have no idea who you are and I’m unconvinced you’re anything more than a troll. If you have anything more to say, say it to me 1-on-1.


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