What proportion of women are actually approachable in daygame?

I’ve always marveled at how so many days seem to have ample street volume, but a very low amount of sets.

To test this, I sat down at a table on Lincoln Road, the most prominent daygame destination in Miami, at 1:45 PM on a Tuesday, and categorized the 66 girls that walked by during a 10 minute period.

42 were in groups, with boyfriends, or with families.

11 were either too old, too young, or too ugly.

4 were alone, but wearing a ring.

9 were alone and above a 5. However, all of these girls were either a 5 or a 6. Anyone who only approaches 6.5s or better, like me, would have approached zero sets in this period.

4 thoughts on “What proportion of women are actually approachable in daygame?

  1. Not sure what the Miami scene is like, but for me, daygame timings are:
    – 5pm to 8pm on Monday to Thursday(single sets on their way home from work)
    – on Fridays, 5pm to 6pm (you can open girls while they’re on their way home from work, or on their way to meet their TGIF friends) and 9pm to midnight (night game or gutter game)
    – on Saturdays and Sundays 12pm (girls on their way to a brunch meetup) to 6pm (girls on their way back from a brunch, or girls on their way to a coffee meetup/date) and nightgame/gutter game timings depending on how long venues are open.

    YMMV and every city has its own circadian pickup rhythm, you’ll need to do some recon and figure out what works for the cities you’re gaming in.


  2. Anonymous

    And any woman that was a 9 or 10 would be available for purchase on any number of apps and sites.

    The last time day game and cold approach worked (*for western guys in Western countries*) was in the early 2000s.

    Before OnlyFans, before IG, before Seeking, before dating apps.


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