What I Learned From Going Viral On Twitter

Yesterday, I tweeted this:

I had expected that this tweet would get some attention inside the community, and it did. What I didn’t expect was it to start going viral outside the community. Because several Game coaches retweeted it, some crypto twatters took note and started quote tweeting like mad. I assembled ~150 quote tweets in about an hour before I finally took my profile private.

By the way, the title of this post should really be “What I Reaffirmed From Going Viral On Twitter,” because none of the stuff I’m about to write is new to me. But every once in a while, you need a reassertion.

Twitter Outrage is Real

Twitter outrage is an unstoppable force. There have been many essays written about why this is. We know this by now.

But what I found hilarious is the incredible lengths people took to strawman me based on who they wanted to believe I was. Everyone needs an enemy. For some, that enemy is a racist. For others, they’re a creep. Incel. Virgin. Red flags. Serial killer. Abnormal.

That’s all fine. That’s why I’m anonymous. I’m a blank slate for projections of what others are insecure about.

But in this case, the projections were so horrifically off that there’s no way they could have affected me anyway.

I’m not even going to qualify myself here, but all I’ll say is: if any of these people met me in person, they’d have no idea I was Pancake Mouse.

Normies Don’t Like Seeing Social Interactions Analyzed

According to normies, getting better at social interactions is “weird” and “creepy”. Remember, this should all be natural. Just be confident, bro.

Actually, I’ve noticed that even in other endeavors, my constant focus on analysis and statistics is looked at with raised eyebrows.

Doesn’t matter. I have mastered so many skills in my life, and I have done it all the same way: constant analysis and self-reflection. This is a skill game. I will master it the same way I have every other skill.

The vast majority of people have no idea how to actually get better at something. That’s why most of them fail.

Normies Don’t Understand The Realities of the Sexual Marketplace

Several reactions I got:

  • Boy, the dating market’s gotta be glad I’m married if this is the competition!
  • I have more girls wanting to fuck me than you (from several trans and lesbian women)
  • Miami girls are easier than this (this is the literal dude that said that. no joke here)
  • You’re the reason these women are ghosting (I mean, that’s partially true, but the fact is that every single guy doing any sort of volume has the majority of women ghost him. No matter how good/normal he is)

People just have no idea what it’s actually like to have casual sex with 15-20 women a year, like I do.

The vast majority of normies pair bond with one person. We know this.

However, even the guys that don’t:

  • don’t realize how often they get rejected
  • fuck girls way below their sexual market value
  • have zero game and only get layups where the girl chases them

Again, we know this.

I will say, one normie reached out to me and basically said “I saw you got a lot of hate but I read some of your field reports and damn you’re actually out there taking action.” Huge props to that guy.

Community Reactions Were Overwhelmingly Positive

For the most part, community reactions were positive. What continues to baffle me, though, is how many people were impressed at the spreadsheet, as if I was the first person to think of creating a spreadsheet for something.

Ya’ll, it took me 10 minutes to set up that spreadsheet. It takes me less than five minutes a day to keep it up to date. It’s a CRM system for girls I meet.

…how are other guys even managing this? By feel? The answer is that they’re probably letting leads slip through the cracks, and even if not, they have no way to run analysis on their failures.

In conclusion, none of this matters. I trigger people all the time, especially with my real life persona. Outrage incidents like this are not new to me. This was an another amusing story that reaffirmed many of the things I knew about how the community and real life intersected.

One thought on “What I Learned From Going Viral On Twitter

  1. Johnny Caustic

    Awesome post!

    I get why chicks think getting better at social interactions is weird and creepy, but I’ll never get guys who think that way. What are men for if not mastery?


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