Daygame and Nightgame in Austin

I’ve been going to Austin for years, but finally got a chance to Game there when I visited a wing from New York City over the long Halloween weekend.


Coming from New York City, daygame was nothing short of depressing, if outright impossible. There’s practically no foot traffic in Austin during the day. Downtown is dead. Everyone drives or scooters everywhere.

The only place you could daygame that compares to other cities is the UT Austin campus, and even that is pretty low volume. It’s a small community, too – after I did maybe 15 approaches in two days, my wing got a text from a UT girl he had approached weeks ago with an ambiguous warning about approaching on campus.

I’ve heard that the Domain, a mall in North Austin, is also doable, but I didn’t have a chance to visit.


If you’re going to go to Austin at all, it’s got to be for nightgame. Nightgame in Austin is all about mixed sets – it’s a very social environment, people usually go out with a large friends group, and even couples will go out together… just the two of them. To that note, if you want to Game here, you need to bring the fun and be social. You can’t snipe girls like you can in major US cities, rather, you have to win over the group.

Overall, girls are pleasant and receptive to being approached. I only got blown out a couple of times in 100+ approaches (comparatively, the majority of approaches in San Francisco are blowouts).

Pulling is difficult. Women don’t go out here to find a guy for the night. They may make out with you and give you a number, but beating the friend logistics to pull same night is a tough nut to crack. My wing went out nine nights and got a makeout every night he went out, but only pulled one night. I went out four nights and got nothing. We both have done much better in other cities.

There are four major nightgame areas, three of them centered around the main nightlife district, 6th St. Unfortunately, I found that the number of people going out seemed to have declined precipitously since the pandemic.

West 6th – I found this to be the most normal area, with a good mix of attractive younger girls (21-24). The bouncers crack down hard on fake IDs, so you’re unlikely to find anyone under 21 here.

As far as venues, Buford’s was by far the best — I gamed here four nights in a row. It’s possibly my favorite nightgame venue I’ve ever been to as far as layout. It’s huge, with two stories, three bars, a dance floor, a lounge area, and multiple seating areas, some of them outdoors.

Dirty 6th – Back in the day, this was where all the hot college girls came from around the region (you can see this by watching old Jack Manley videos). Now, it’s the most ratchet place I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen so many fat girls in venues in my life. Apart from the people, the street itself is just an absolute mess. It’s copy-paste bar after bar, all of them blasting music so loudly it forms a cacophony in the middle of the street. Avoid at all costs.

East 6th – more of a hipster vibe. Less clubby, some live music and alternative venues. More of a low-key scene with people not as dressed up. I’ve never gamed there, but have been multiple times hanging with civilian friends.

Rainey Street – a unique street consisting of a bunch of houses that have been converted to venues. Like Dirty 6th, you can easily hop from venue to venue. Rainey attracts the dressed up young professional crowd.

Maddeningly, nightlife doesn’t get going until around 11 PM, and the bars close at 2 AM, meaning you have three hours to make something happen. Thursday-Saturday are active, there’s not much going on the rest of the week.


Join the Game Austin Telegram group to find wings.

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