Daygame and Nightgame in New York City

This post aims to give an overview of how and where to game in New York City, based on personal experience gaming in the city for six weeks this Fall as well as dozens of conversations with local gamers. I’m sure I’m biased towards my own experience, so this is not meant to be comprehensive. If you have corrections or addenda, leave them in the comments and I’ll take a look. If you want to see what results you can expect in New York City, see my personal results and analysis post.

First of all, it goes without saying that New York City is a big place, and there are multiple ways to skin the cat here. However, the type of game I’ll describe, aggressive daygame and nightgame in Lower Manhattan, is in my opinion the best ways to yield the youngest, most attractive girls and give yourself enough volume to make it happen.

New York Is Different

If you’ve never gamed in New York City before, you have an adjustment period to go through. The logistics, women, and reactions you get here are simply not comparable to any other US city. Here’s some of the differences to be aware of:

Girls Don’t Stop

First of all, expect girls not to stop in daygame. The cliché in the city is that no one is outside unless they have something specific to do. Girls are always running around to “meet a friend” and will usually claim that they’re late. Whether you can flip that frame is up to how persistent you are and what kind of value you have. Many guys will claim that if a girl doesn’t stop, you should let her go. I’m here to tell you that this simply won’t work in New York City. If you let girls go, you’re going to have a tenth of the chances you would have had otherwise.

Instead, I’ve found that the best strategy is to walk in front of them, turn and try to stop them, and if they won’t stop, walk with them and at least slow your pace down and see if they match you. If they won’t, and you’re getting neutral or negative frame, you can call out the non-compliance in a jokey way to see if she responds positively and flips the frame. If not, let her go. If the frame flips but she still won’t stop, give her an ultimatum: you’ll walk with her to the end of the block, and by then you’ll either have her number or you’ll never see her again.

Numbers Don’t Work

Manhattan is an ephemeral place. While it may be the easiest city in the country to get a girl’s emotions stirred up and pull her in the moment, once that moment passes, you’re dead in the water. If you read my stats post, you know that 85% of my New York numbers either never responded to my feeler text or stopped responding some time thereafter. I never thought a city could be flakier than San Francisco, but NYC takes the prize.

When you’re approaching, pulling a girl instantly should be the first thing on your mind. If you’re coming from a smaller city, this thought may have never crossed your mind, but in NYC, it’s infinitely possible. The basic blueprint should be to stoke a girl’s emotions and spike her buying temperature high enough right after meeting her that you can pull with ease. A number should be your last resort if you can’t pull.

Note: if you were in NYC pre-pandemic and have different memories about numbers working better, you’re probably right. NYC guys are all pretty much aligned on the fact that the pandemic accelerated a trend that was already in motion.

Directness and Frame Battles

This is one where the stereotype is right on — girls in NYC have an attitude unmatched by any other major US city. Expect women to be direct and dropping constant shit tests. You absolutely have to be ready to battle her frame and throw it right back at her. It follows, then, that techniques like teasing, disqualifying, and negging are far more effective here than in other places you might have been. Deploy them wisely.

The other, more welcoming side of the coin is that women are more direct here than any other place in the country. If they like you and/or your archetype, they’ll let it be known. I’ve never been opened more, or given more IOIs, anywhere else I’ve been.

Low Retention Rate

New York City is a hookup paradise, but good luck finding a relationship, let alone a fuckbuddy. Women are content to jump from high-value male to high-value male. You really need to show something special if you want to lock one down.

Hypergamy Reigns Supreme

Manhattan is the most hypergamous place in the United States. If you’re not thoroughly blackpilled yet, this city will do it to you.

Nowhere in the country is your personal archetype so important. Style is the biggest DHV here, not muscles.

Nowhere in the country is height so important. Coming from San Francisco, this was shocking, as height doesn’t make that much of a difference there.

There is a large racial hierarchy component to New York City. Hot white girls want black guys. Short brown girls want tall white guys. If you’re walking around Manhattan, take note at the interracial couples walking around. You see the same archetypes over and over.

If you want to do well here, you need to find your archetype. Figure out what type of girl you want to attract and polarize towards that. Then, focus on looking as good as possible, focusing especially on your fashion.


My observation is that there are two distinct daygame communities in NYC: guys running London Daygame and guys running Manhattan Daygame. If you absorbed the above points, it should be pretty clear that the reigning style of daygame (London Daygame) is not going to work in New York City. If you want to close FOBs and late-20s, early-30s professional women, go for it, but getting real results with hot girls requires a different approach. As far as I can tell, the Manhattan Daygamers do way better, both in terms of quality and results. But if you’re a London guy in New York and think you do well (say ~20 lays a year with girls at or above your looks level), I’m happy to have my mind changed.

The great thing about NYC is that due to insane volume, anywhere is daygame-able. You can be walking around on a random street in Queens and see one or two girls worth approaching. But there are definitely places where volume and quality is higher than others.

I approached mainly in Lower Manhattan:

Essentially anywhere in the map is good for daygame, with some particular hotspots:

  • Soho – a big shopping area and center of the city’s modeling scene
  • Washington Square Park – this park really blew up during the pandemic. Good place to find seated sets. Tends to a younger, more alternative crowd during the evenings.
  • St. Marks – a closed off street on weekends with a ton of restaurants. Good for evenings.

It’s important to note that Lower Manhattan is only really viable during the school year, because volume is massively increased. I was only there during September and October and can speak to it being really good then. I’m told that guys game more in Soho and Midtown during the summers.

I also tried:

  • Williamsburg in Brooklyn. I did a couple days here. Girls were more receptive and stopped more easily. The culture here is more conducive to “dating” and less about hookups. Try Bedford St. all the way from the bridge to McCarren park.
  • Midtown, around Herald Square. Lots of volume, but not great quality in my experience. Tons of Asian girls, more young professional vibes and lower income girls commuting from the outer boroughs.
  • Times Square. Pretty horrid. Tons of groups and families and overall just unpleasant to be in. There were also very few tourists due to the pandemic.

There are a ton more options depending on where you live. Central Park, Columbia University, Astoria (Queens)… but I never tried them, so I won’t cover them here.


Those coming to New York City expecting a nightgame paradise are going to be sorely disappointed. Much of the talent is constrained to exclusive table venues, and lines at the general admission venues are ridiculous. You’re almost better off just poaching outside the venues and doing street and gutter game, which I did on many an evening.

Some general notes about nightgame in NYC:

Tons of guys approach. Not only are the venues swarming with PUAs, I’ve never seen more non-community guys approaching in my life.

You can “snipe” girls. It’s less of a social game here, like you might be used to in third-tier cities like Cincinnati and Austin. Walk around the club, feel out who you want to approach, and go direct.

I primarily gamed at three venues in the Lower Eastside:

Mr. Purple

“Todd V girls” personified. There’s a reason that several of his infields were filmed here. Late-20s professional girls abound. The actual venue itself is awesome – it’s a hotel rooftop with outdoor and indoor spaces and has a bunch of bathrooms, all of which are clean. There’s also a quieter subfloor with seating where you can isolate girls if you need to. Open 7 days a week, but get there before 10 PM on weekends if you want to avoid the line. Has stamps for re-entry.

Kind Regards

A somewhat exclusive, artsy, smaller club that smells refreshingly of citrus. Style and archetype are huge here. If you “look the part”, you have a good chance at getting laid. If you look like a square, you’re going to be ostracized. There’s going to be a long line to get in and another long line to get into the basement. You often can’t get into the basement unless you buy a bottle or you know the bouncer.


The Lower East Side’s resident ratchet club. If you’re black, you’re gonna have a great time. Expect to see a bunch of guys aggressively approaching. The bar area is where its at, the other two areas have horribly loud music.

Other Areas

Phebe’s is a college-y bar on Bowery in Noho. It’s often super packed. Went here a couple times and didn’t think much of it but it’s a somewhat popular spot for PUAs.

ACME is a ridiculously loud club one block up from Phebe’s. The music is impossible to hear over, so you basically have to do dance floor game and/or fast physical escalation. I had a girl down here after five minutes of aggressive kino and <100 words exchanged.

The other main nightgame area is the Meatpacking District, but I’m told it’s really declined since the pandemic. Williamsburg has some good places too. It’s kind of an after-hours spot so they may not heat up until past 1 AM.

Community Resources

The Game New York City Telegram group is a great place to find wings and ask questions.

11 thoughts on “Daygame and Nightgame in New York City

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    1. So, racial hierarchy is going to depend on what races have power historically, but also currently in the media.

      Since Black Lives Matter and the rise of hip-hop in popular culture, black men have made huge gains in the sexual market place. Many “tainted” attractive NYC women now look towards black men as their number one desired race.

      Below that are white men. Due to their historical status and media frame, being white never goes out of style. White men also have access to the most archetypes and races of girls (though black men get more polarized attraction to certain tainted girls and thus easier sex).

      Below that is Asian men. They have been wayyy underrepresented, but with Anime, K-pop, Kdramas, and Squid Game, the SMV of Asian men is higher than ever. I know Asian fuckboys that are killing it in NYC among Asians, Browns, and Latinas, and *some* white women (but they have to be into particular Asian stuff).

      Finally, you have brown men. Unfortunately, they just haven’t had their day in the sun, but I hope it comes soon, because god knows they need it.


      1. GalwayRookie

        As someone who bartended in West Village and saw plenty of South Asian and Middle Eastern men bring in attractive girls of other races, you sir are full of shit and pulling your information straight off an incel forum.


        1. Damn, I guess your anecdotal evidence disproves everything we know about racial status hierarchies, sociosexuality, and the science of attraction.

          Wait, no, it doesn’t disprove shit. Fuck off back to the West Village, then, and learn some critical thinking skills.


  2. Steven

    Hey – can you provide some more intel on how you found your wings? At least in my “circle”, most dudes want to go out in groups and don’t really know much about game. It’s primarily social circle game – meeting friends at bars and parties. How did you find wings to consistently go out and approach?


  3. Hey man,

    I just discovered your blog. Nice stuff. I appreciate the details you’ve included.

    I was in NYC last year and made my approaches in a three month span between February and May. In that time I made around 200-300 approaches, had 3 dates, got them all to my bed and closed 2. I mostly daygamed on the part of Broadway that’s in SoHo and some gutter game in the LES. I had similar experiences. Over 80% of the girls didn’t respond to the feeler and most girls don’t stop. All of this was a big shocker to me as the previous city I was in was nothing like it.

    On the flip side however, there were always plenty of sets and when the girls did come out, it was fairly easy to lead and close. I’m sure if you had your logistics sorted you would have converted most of those dates. I also noticed that in SoHo, the vast majority of the girls I opened were American and there was lesser diversity than the much smaller city I was in before. And finally, I felt girls who were raised in NYC or any of the nearby suburbs were much more receptive than girls who were in the city for studies or work.

    The Manhattan Daygame model you described sounds a lot like Anthony Hustle’s Straight Line Model. I’m looking forward to reading more about it.



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