Daygame and Nightgame in New York City: My Results and Analysis

Note: this is part one of a two part post and is more centered on my own personal experience. Part two is a more general overview of how and where to game in NYC, similar to my other city game posts.

In September and October, I spent six weeks cold approaching in New York City with some of the best street gamers in the city as my wings.

I knew the city was going to be a challenge, but I walked away completely humbled. Sky-high flake rate, strong frames, and girls in a rush contribute to a veritable crucible for any daygamer. I managed to hold my frame and improve quite a bit, but I walked away from my six weeks with only one lay to show for it.

Cohort Analysis

I knew of three outsiders that had tried out New York before me. None of their results were promising:

Nash – Days of Game – Nov 2017. 127 approaches, 14 numbers, 0 lays
Roy Walker – May 2019. 83 approaches, 15 numbers, 1 lay
Midwest Daygame – Oct 2020. 76 approaches, 14 numbers, 0 lays


Sessions – 35

I gamed on on 35 total days of my trip. All were at least daygame sessions, and I added on nightgame for over half of these as well. On the nights where I did both day and nightgame, I frequently put in 10+ hour days, where I was out from 4 or 5 PM to past 3 AM.

Approaches – 689

This includes traditional daygame approaches, as well as nighttime street approaches and gutter game. Venue approaches are not included.

6.5 was my absolute minimum rating for an approach, and most of my approaches were 7+.

Numbers – 126

Though I knew I was collecting a fair amount of weak numbers, I generally didn’t ask for the number if I thought the girl wasn’t hooked in some way. If a girl seemed promising but was running off somewhere (common in NYC), I asked for the number.

Of these numbers:

  • 63 never responded to my initial feeler text
  • 44 stopped responding to my texts
  • 2 I never texted
  • 4 I lost interest in after texting
  • 8 died for logistical reasons (either they lived too far away, or they or I left town before I could get them out)
  • 5 turned into dates

Instadates – 6

I went on six instadates, and took five numbers from them (one girl I attempted to instapull and didn’t like her enough to take the number).

This is perhaps the most brutal stat of all: Not a single instadate led to a further date. In fact, four of the five numbers didn’t even respond to my post-instadate feeler.

Dates – 5

  • 25 year old NYU grad student, from a 10 second daygame interaction where she was running away and shouted “find me on Instagram, I’m <name>!” She ended up having a terrible personality and I used the date as practice, by which I mean I oversexualized uncalibratedly, had no logistics so I attempted to pull to her place (obviously, that failed), and I let such a bad impression that I decided to call her the next day and apologize.
  • 22 year old hella comfort Southern sorority girl. Again, I had no logistics and she wouldn’t let me pull to her place so I pulled her to a public bathroom and made out with her. She wouldn’t go any further. She was very attracted but a little sketched out. Lots of texting thereafter but didn’t build enough comfort to get her out again.
  • 26 year old Eastern European timewaster from a very sexual set where I pulled her hair in the street. I had to double text her three separate times to get her out. She then wouldn’t even let me kiss her despite pulling her to the van.
  • 31 year old dietician. She loved the initial approach but apparently hated the date. She ended it after 45 minutes. I didn’t like her anyway, so I was grateful for the time saved.
  • 21 year old comfort fashion student. After about an hour, I pulled her to the van and fucked her despite some reservations from her part about sexualizing/pulling, which I did a decent job at overcoming.

Five dates, one lay, which ended up being my only lay in New York.


Nightgame in New York is generally disappointing, as lines for venues are long and there honestly aren’t that many viable venues compared to the large population. A lot of what I did at night was street game and gutter game, which I file under daygame. That being said, I did go to venues in the Lower East Side maybe 15 nights.

Of these, I had one pull (solo Brazilian girl, she wouldn’t do more than make out) and a bunch of partial pulls that all failed for various reasons.

By the end, I was definitely gaining momentum and was able to have a solid shot at a pull most nights, but I left town before I could capitalize on my growth.

What Went Wrong?

Purely looking at results, my time in New York City was an abject failure. Never before in my life have I worked so hard for so little result.

What I learned, however, was priceless. But this isn’t the post for that. Here, we’re focusing on results. So here’s my explanation for why I failed.

No Logistics

Those who have been following know that I have been traveling the country in a van. Right when I got to New York, it developed a number of mechanical issues, meaning that I was without the van for over half of my game sessions, instead either sleeping in it outside a mechanic shop in Brooklyn, or staying on a friend’s couch.

Without logistics, I had no choice but to collect numbers, keep leads warm for later in the trip, or try and pull to the girl’s place (I tried several times without success).

Getting Sick

Right after I got my van back, I caught a six-day cold. During this time, I didn’t go into any venues, try to pull, or schedule any dates. I did street game only.

If you tally up the van and getting sick, about 65% of the time I was in NYC I was logistically “unavailable”.

Collecting Numbers

I knew that numbers in NYC would be useless. What I didn’t realize was exactly how useless they are. The combination of the city’s fast-paced culture and the multitude of options that girls have mean that the hitrate on numbers is much, much less than in other cities. I had hoped to play the numbers game and close off of dates, but this doesn’t work in NYC. In NYC, you have to pull first and settle for a number later.

I will say that I didn’t text my numbers optimally, either. I was so busy gaming that I sometimes waited a couple days to text, and most numbers I waited almost 24 hours.

Limited Availability to Schedule Dates

Because I wanted as much time soaking up knowledge from my wings as possible, I refused to schedule dates on Fridays and Saturdays. Interestingly, this is when most girls were looking to meet. I also had non-Game engagements some evenings which I was unwilling to schedule over. Several girls went cold on me due to me not scheduling a date with them the first night they were available.

Bad Game

This is probably the biggest factor. My game just isn’t there yet. During the six weeks, I worked through the following issues:

  • Being too close/too intense on the open
  • Asking too abruptly for the instadate instead of probing her logistics and acting like it’s no big deal
  • Not asking for the instadate at all
  • Instadating to a venue instead of going straight to my van
  • Instadating on the girl’s terms instead of my own
  • Calling out noncompliance in a jokey way instead of being serious about it and blowing the set out
  • Overteasing and blowing out sets

Wing Comparisons

During my time in New York, I had the pleasure of winging with and getting feedback from some of the city’s finest daygamers. I went out consistently with a group of 5-8 guys, all of whom were better than me, ranging from high-intermediate to elite. These guys have between 2 and 6 years experience gaming in NYC.

The weeks I was there was a relative low point for guys going out, as well. Many of them were content with their rotations or were taking a break. But for comparison, the advanced guys, pre-pandemic, were closing 20-60 girls a year, almost completely from daygame. By the way, an important point here is that none of these guys do “London Daygame”. They do a much more aggressive, persistent form of daygame, which I’ll term “Manhattan Daygame”.

Nearly all of the guys closed at least once during my six weeks there, even though they went out way less than I did. My most consistent wing closed six girls — on two separate nights he actually closed two girls per night.

So… what are they doing that I could aspire to? I pinpointed several differences:

Look: these guys look and dress like the type of guys that hot young girls would be attracted to. They’re not walking around in button-downs and slacks. They’re wearing “fuckboy” apparel and designer brands. They have tattoos, piercings, and jewelery. Whatever is popular among young girls in the media (see: TikTok, Instagram, etc.), they’re emulating it.

Vibe: they’ve been dealing with “tainted” Manhattan girls for years, and as such are steeled to their bullshit. They come off dominant, masculine. Like guys that get laid and don’t care if they girl isn’t receptive to them. This displays openly in their facial expressions, tonality, body language, and how they react to stimuli.

Game: they pull, pull, pull. One guy in particular sometimes pulls girls to his place within minutes. It’s pretty incredible to watch. They know that numbers in Manhattan don’t work; instead they get the girl attracted on the spot and then always attempt to venue change until they’re in a sex location. The majority of their lays come from instapulls, not dates.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Gaming in New York City beat me down savagely, and I had every reason to walk away with my tail between my legs. Instead, I loved every minute of it. There is no better city to get better at Game in America. Every day out with my wings led to new, fun, experiences, like 2-on-1 pulling a girl with a bagel as bait, getting shoved and harassed by Indian girls, and calling someone a cunt at least once per day. I improved and learned immensely during my six week “boot camp”, and I’m confident that every week I stayed, my results would start to snowball.

That’s why I’m excited to announce that I will be formalizing my commitment to cold approach by moving to New York City in Spring 2022 for a minimum 6 months of intense learning and improvement. I’m beyond excited to have a crack at becoming advanced at something I’ve only had sporadic chances to practice.

Stay tuned for part two of this post, which will provide a more generic overview of how and where to daygame and nightgame in New York City.

2 thoughts on “Daygame and Nightgame in New York City: My Results and Analysis

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  2. >> Not a single instadate led to a further date.

    I think instadate:date ratio should be compared to 1st date: 2nd date ratio and NOT compared to number:date ratio (as people often do).

    1st date: 2nd date ratio is going to be similarly low in NYC. Especially if the strategy is to go for the 1st date pull/ SDL, which sounds to be the case


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