Tinder Self-Evaluation: how do you stack up against the competition?

I’m always surprised at the number of guys who create a Tinder profile without surveying the competition first. Just like any other market, Tinder is a competitive endeavor. Your goal should be to make your profile stick out and get the type of girl you’re going for to use one of her rare right swipes on you — how can you do that without knowing what other guys are offering?

One thing I recommend doing after you create your account is creating a fake female profile and swiping the first 50 guys in your location. Swipe right if you think the guy is more likely to get a right swipe than you, and swipe left if you think the guy is less likely to get a right swipe than you. At the end of your swipe session, count up the number of times you swiped left and divide by 50. This is your percentile rating in your area.

When you do this, put yourself in the shoes of the type of girl you’re going for. What would she swipe right on? Remember that you’re rating both the man’s attractiveness and the quality of his profile. Take into account, in order:

  • Head (facial attractiveness + hair) – by far the most important
  • Body (physique + height)
  • Ethnicity
  • Quality of photos (resolution and actual quality)
  • Bio (including profession and school)

I have done this multiple times throughout my years using Tinder in various cities. I just repeated the experiment again this morning and, putting myself in the shoes of a girl of above-average attractiveness in San Francisco, I got the 42nd percentile (I felt that 21/50 guys were more likely to get a right swipe than me). This leads to two conclusions:

  • Competition on Tinder is increasing. In past experiments in San Francisco, I have been in the high 30s. I believe my worst percentile the last time I tried was the 40th percentile. Guys are getting better photos, and more attractive guys are signing up and remaining active on Tinder.
  • San Francisco continues to have an extremely high level of male competition. In other cities, I was in the 30-35 percentile range. Not only are there a lot of high-value men here, the level of technical knowledge is high, meaning men do more research into creating a great Tinder profile.

Just for fun, here were some of the profiles that I rated as better and worse than my own:






One thought on “Tinder Self-Evaluation: how do you stack up against the competition?

  1. BRBMakingMoney

    I think you can find better examples of better profiles than that… Spoof Sydney.

    Then tell us what percentile you are in Chadstralia 😉


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