How to Instagram close – the Pancake way

You’ve done the work, built a high-value Instagram, and used automation to get thousands of followers (blog post on this coming soon), but how do you use it to close?

I see guys doing this wrong all the time. They’ll treat it like a number close and ask the girl for her Instagram. Wrong. This immediately puts you in the follower frame, and worse, unlike texting, if a girl doesn’t follow you on Instagram, your message will go in her “Message Requests” folder and she’ll probably never see it.

Voila, enter:

The Pancake Mouse method for Instagram closes:

1. Establish that Instagram is going to be the method of closing. “Do you have Instagram? Let’s follow each other and we can <do X date idea that you seeded>” She’ll reply in the affirmative.

2. Get her phone. Say you’re going to find your profile on it. Open Instagram, find yourself, and hit the follow button.

3. Then, send yourself a message from her. “I’m going to send a message from you so I have your insta.” Start writing a message and joke with her: “Hmm, what would you say if you were to message me? I’m guessing it would be some girly shit like ‘Heyyyy cutie, it’s <girl’s name>'”. At the same time, you’re writing this exact message and sending it to yourself, and she’s probably laughing and/or qualifying herself that she never uses that many Ys in a “hey”.

4. When you hand your phone back to her, give her some clickbait (credit: RSD Max) so that she checks out your profile right away and cements it in your mind. I usually say something like “You have to promise not to stalk me too much, OK?” or “You have to promise not to freak out when you see my profile, OK?” This immediately gets her curious about your profile, and often she’ll start stalking your photos right there. If this is a 2-set or mixed set, you can start bantering with the other people in her group while she sits there, entranced by your glistening, Adonis-like figure, your travel photos, your dog, or whatever the hell else you have on your profile. I did this on New Year’s and had two sisters scrolling through my ab photos with me watching and liking all of them.

5. A few hours after the interaction, or the next day (if nightgame), reply to her (your) message to yourself, and pitch the date as you would over text. I usually continue the banter from the night before by saying, “Wow, someone’s extremely complimentary” or teasing her about the amount of Ys she used in the “heyyyyy”.


14 thoughts on “How to Instagram close – the Pancake way

  1. Some good ideas, especially the clickbait line. Canned lines and pre-rehearsed material have received a bad rap over the years but little things like that, properly tailored to your unique situation, can have a huge effect on your end results.

    I’ve built up a good IG account with a couple of 1000’s of subscribers and I’m noticing girls from Tindr following me.

    It will be interesting to see how it helps me when I’m out doing more approaches as the weather gets better.


    1. Girls from Tinder are following you whom you *haven’t* yet matched with? If so, that’s a great sign. I have 12K+ followers and almost never get girls follow me from Tinder, only (very rarely) the ones I’ve matched with. Even for my matches, I typically have to mention the Instagram to them specifically, or follow them first before they follow back.


      1. Obviously I’m not able to track precisely how much this is happening but I’m 100% sure of at least two because of their very distinctive look. I suspect 5 to 10 others as well that I can’t verify. This is over the past week.

        My current lifestyle lends itself very well to getting follows on IG even if they aren’t attracted. But I don’t mind because I come across much better in real life than through photos and my main goal right now is to build my social circle and social proof.


  2. Magnum

    Nice post and great way to use a well built up instagram account. I’ll give this a shot next opportunity. I can see how this provides better DHV and comfort than just a number close.

    And look forward to your post on building an IG account Pancake. You’ve already shared your approach with me on that one and I’m here to say it works 🙂


    1. I can’t remember how much nightgame you do, but one thing I noticed during my St. Patrick’s Day rampage yesterday is that this doesn’t work well if the girl doesn’t have her phone on her. Girls often keep their phone with a friend or in their purse, so she’ll say “I don’t have my phone, let me tell you my account and you can follow me”.

      When I first started doing this, I was following them, and then inevitably they never follow back and you lose them. So instead, I just take her phone number saying “OK, let’s just exchange numbers like normal people”, but what I did last night is got her Instagram as well and added it into my contacts in my phone. So now I have BOTH, and I can text her as normal, but also follow her so she remembers who I am.


  3. Salesi

    I believe you’re overthinking this shit, man.

    For ref: I’m Indian, in the Bay, and I can get three to five dates a week when I hit the apps– I’m not having the annoyances you are. Girls flake, yeah, but when they do I’m usually happy about having a free evening.

    I also matched with that Indian chick in your last post, name starts with P and ends in A. All her pics are boudoir shots of her in lingerie, and you didn’t think she was going to be a dick tease? Also, to be crass, she’s not pretty at all just young and skinny. I wonder if your instincts about these things are off.

    Forget game and ignore THOTS like that, concentrate on other things you love, and you’ll have a much better time of it in the Bay. My two cents


    1. 3-5 dates a week is really good. What apps are you using and how many matches do you typically get per week on each? What would you rate the girls you’re meeting up with? I won’t bang anything below a 6 these days, if they’re 6s they get invited right over, 6.5s and above I’ll meet out for a drink. In any case, those are great results for an Indian guy, you must have a great look.

      When most women in the Bay are fat, post-Wall ugly, and overweight, young skinny girls tend to stick out. We unfortunately have very few stunners here, so standards have to be lowered.

      Also, don’t worry, I don’t hate this city/life etc., just use this blog as an outlet to let off steam. I’m a very positive, stable person with a bunch of interests outside of Game, the frustration comes from my intense drive and competitiveness to get better at this stuff. When flakes and no-shows happen, I feel like I’m “failing” (even though looking back to 6 months and a year ago, my progress has been immense).


      1. Salesi

        Looked over my apps:
        Tinder – 28 matches
        Bumble – 0 matches
        Hinge – 5 matches
        CMB – 5 matches

        “Yes” to meetups: 8 girls
        (2 stopped responding while figuring out logistics)

        3 dates this week. One on Wednesday was pretty as hell and I was into, but I bitched out on making a move (out of practice) and she didn’t respond to an afterdate text. I liked her and she didn’t like me, which was not a great feeling. I flaked on one yesterday because I got too drunk at a party. Have another tonight that’s promising.
        3 dates scheduled next week, with 2 of them hookup situations

        I go out for drinks with pretty girls that all guys would assume are good looking–7’s or 8’s I guess. Skinny, pretty faces, etc. Anywhere we go in the Bay I see the droves of lonely guys out at night and they always eye the girl I’m with. I never match with or get with 9’s here in the Bay.

        6’s or below I just go over for hookups. For reference that Indian sunglass chick I’d call a 4 or 5.

        I will note that girls in San Francisco proper that I match with flake or go silent like crazy. Even when they message first, show a lot of interest, text first.

        Nice to know you are living a life you like. I completely lost my patience with girls about a year ago and have been quasi monkmode since… I’m very anti-“trying” these days. My goal these days is to be happy, not date a bunch of girls, which from experience does not make me happy. It seems to me the dating game is one where, the more you want to improve, the less you do.


      2. Salesi

        Btw, my look is very masculine. 6’2, lifter’s frame, tattoos all over. Not everyone’s cup of tea. I’ve never gotten more than 50% attractiveness on photofeeler

        Also not mentioned: On tinder I get a strange # of girls in open relationships who are into me and/or girls who are into being tied up. I pass all those up.


        1. Interesting. I don’t trust Photofeeler at all by the way. It’s mostly ugly/post-Wall women rating. Sounds like you have an attractive look. My look is also very polarizing but I get about a 65% on Photofeeler.

          Indian girl was a 6.5 for me, but was worse looking in person. I’m working on a 1-10 scale that I can put up as a separate blog post, but for reference, this is a 5 on my scale:

          Do you cold approach at all or just Tinder? Feel free to email me via the Contact form on this site if you want to discuss off of this comments platform, would be cool to exchange notes


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