Text Game: Non-reactive and non-needy replies increase attraction


It is amazing how long it took me to figure out that staying non-reactive and non-needy has the potential to increase (or at least not decrease) attraction via text.

This was a girl I matched on Tinder back in October. She showed lukewarm attraction the whole time, flaking on me twice and wanting me to meet her halfway for a date. Tonight, we matched again (I reset my account every month or so in order to have a second chance with girls).

A year ago, I would have offered up an alternate day after receiving a tenuous reply like the one she offered after I said when I was free. Something like “or we could also do Wednesday if that works better”.

This time, I stuck to my guns and she caved immediately.

Is this all confirmation bias? Maybe she would have changed her mind anyway? No way to know. But this is a part of my text game I’ve been refining over the last few months and the results are too promising to ignore. Now, every time I send a message, I think:

What would a guy with so many options he couldn’t care less text? What would a guy with so many irons in the fire he wouldn’t care if this girl flaked text?

WWCT. What Would Chad Text?


10 thoughts on “Text Game: Non-reactive and non-needy replies increase attraction

    1. Thanks. She ended up flaking (I saw it coming; once a flake, always a flake), but I think the lesson still holds.

      It’s amazing what having a regular FWB can do for your mentality regarding flakes, by the way. I’ve had lots of flakes this month but I have an incredible girl (19 years old, 105 pounds) on rotation so I’m just like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Need to add a couple more and build a harem in case she drops though.


      1. Magnum

        Yeah to me harem’s are key to keeping abundance, especially living here in the toughest major city for game. It goes double if you’re a high sex drive guy like myself.

        The reasons girls respond to Chad game and non-needy replies is they need to feel that you’ve got other options…preselection. Always best to acting from a position of truly feeling that abundance at your core to drive the right behavior


  1. I read a lot about “non-needy” responses, but in my experience it’s rarely helped turn a maybe into a yes. I can think of one time this sort of thing kinda worked to get on a date, but even then, we didn’t end up lovers.

    So when girls give me weak responses like this, I view it as high-flake-risk, and write it off. I don’t reward flaky behavior with attention.


      1. With your screenshot, I guessed she was going to show up. You had a great “re”opener.

        When I say “write off” I mean “consider it as a lost cause, lesson learned, time saved, and move on to the next girl”. I should make a post about my own guidelines soon.


    1. Friend, I am walter from the blackdragonblog. I tried to contact you but I get the “are you sure you want to do this?” error.

      I wanted to ask you what layout did you use for this blog. I like it. I added your blog to my readig list. Keep it up!


  2. Good job, the less you give a fuck, the more they chase you. It’s simple as that. However, when I get flaked and she contacts me with a message that “she can’t because x” where x is some stupid reason. I let her know that I value my time and she messed with it which means that I don’t want to see her again because she is disrespectful.

    It works like hell.


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