How My Game Will — or Won’t — Evolve in 2018

Almost nothing in my lifestyle puts me in contact with hot women:

I work with all men.

I go to a rundown, sweaty, dirty gym that is 80% men, where the few girls that use the weight room don’t take their headphones out.

I live in the literal worst city in the US for attractive women (oh, and it’s also majority male). The neighborhood I live in is the worst part of town where any girl over a 5 doesn’t set foot.

My hobbies are majority male-dominated — the only women that are in my social circles are either lesbians or social justice warrior, intellectual-types (great for friends, but no sexual attraction there).

I rarely go to bars, I don’t spend money on clubs — hell, I don’t even drink.

And I fucking love it.

Most guys in the community find how I live absolutely insane, but living this ascetic existence is how I’ve most enjoyed life. My utter lack of contact with women was the reason I was convinced I would be a virgin forever, until I stumbled upon RooshV’s blog back in 2010, adding it to my RSS feed and thinking “I know I’ll be able to put this into practice someday…”

That’s why, when I downloaded Bumble while hanging out with two friends back in 2016, online game instantly appealed to me. Suddenly, I was getting direct feedback that girls were actually willing to fuck me based on nothing more than four low-quality photos and a dumb 100-word bio.

What’s better, all I had to do to get their pants off was spend an hour with them showing I wasn’t a low-value moron, and then I could fuck them, they’d leave, and I’d never have to hang out with them again.

2016 was about learning game without changing my lifestyle. I continued my busy hobbies and schedule, only inviting girls over on nights where I was bored and didn’t have anything else to do.

In 2017, I wanted more. I wasn’t getting the quality I wanted. I was tired of banging chubbies and average girls, knowing that my value was far higher than theirs, while higher-quality girls were flaking on me.

So I upped my game. I made an Instagram and started taking contrived photos and building my follower base to display status. I bought new clothes. I took girls out on dates. They sucked. I recorded them, sent them to other guys for feedback, and improved them. I DHVed about being an entrepreneur, a traveler, a citizen of the world. I experimented with daygame and nightgame.

It worked. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been so busy with girls I haven’t had time to think about much else.

Yet I’m still not where I want to be. I want higher quality. I want stunners. “Models”. Sorority girls. Instagram thots. I want to keep girls around, I want validation, I want nudes, I want threesomes, I want more texts saying “I wish you were here so I could take your dick.”

Here’s the issue:

I will reach a point in 2018 where I cannot get to where I want to be without changing my lifestyle.

I entered the game with a lifelong frame that girls were the furthest thing from a priority in my life. I’ve never pined after a girl, never had a crush, never passed notes or sent love letters, never had a monogamous relationship, never put a girl first, never did any of the Beta shit that so many guys that swallow the Pill apparently do.

Rather than chase women, I’ve spent the last ten years building an immense amount of value. Ten years of dedication to the iron. Business. Money. Confidence. Travel. Zero inhibition.

I rarely got laid when I was younger because I hid all of this from the world. I’m humble. I’m not a self-promoter. I stay quiet, preferring to lurk in the shadows and help other guys, while taking none of the credit. As soon as I learned Game, I learned to unhide this value, and then came the women. I was surprised to learn that everything I had been doing to build myself as a man was actually somewhat attractive to women as well — I just had to put myself in a position to show it to them. Of course, once any normal girl figures out I’m a maniac Sigma with a weird social circle and weird hobbies after sleeping me with a couple times, it’s tough to keep her around, but I keep enough in the rotation that it often doesn’t matter.

My struggle, now, will be that I will develop my Game to such a level where it will be impossible to improve the quality of the women I’m sleeping with without becoming someone I’m not.

The path to hotties has become quite clear to me over the past few months. It is not paved with shirtless Tinder photos and inviting girls over for wine, nor with Yad stops on San Francisco sidewalks. No, the path to hotties is paved with social circle and status.

If I were to drop everything and focus my life on only fucking hot girls, where’s what I would do:

Drop my current hobbies, change my clothing style and backstory, and moving to a completely new city, change my friends group, rent a million+ dollar apartment, organize parties, throw money around, promote in clubs, and become the king of my new social circle. This would actually be pretty easy to do, and I could accomplish it in under two years. I would slay with the best of them, with girls like I described in my previous post: I’m not attracting the types of girls I want to attract.

But I’m a Sigma, so this would be treason. I live a unique and ascetic life because it brings me joy, and if changing this would mean converting into some vapid Chad Thundercock whose only interests include cracking open a cold one with the boys, boat shoes, and American football…. all for what? Top-shelf vagina?

Having to hide who I actually am around the type of people that this lifestyle would attract would be devastating. I would be intellectually stunted.

It doesn’t seem worth it. So for 2018, I’ll keep my lifestyle intact and continue to improve my game. When I reach a point where an upward trajectory seems impossible, only then will I consider a change.

4 thoughts on “How My Game Will — or Won’t — Evolve in 2018

  1. Magnum

    Great manifesto for the year.

    I can completely relate. The area in which we live is like playing the game on the “hard” setting. But the upside of it is whenever you go somewhere else things feel so easy.

    Personally I don’t plan to change who I am. But after my recent travels I do plan to eventually move, on my terms. Not for the girls but for the increase in enjoyment.

    It’s going to be the best year yet…


  2. VictorRevan

    “But I’m a Sigma, so this would be treason. ”

    Haha! I love this.

    I’m in a similar lifestyle predicament: Busy with work, no girls at work, no girls in the ‘burbs (aside from Target), no girls at the gym, don’t go to nightclubs…

    I see girls on Tinder advertising their instantgram (sic) accounts and wondering if I should be adopting this into my online game. Simply a profile of public DHV photos for tinder girls to check out. But that’s what the photos on Tinder are for, right?

    If that doesn’t work, I guess I’ll have to shop at Target more often.


    1. Instagram is good for providing more comfort for girls you already match on Tinder. In my experience it doesn’t improve your match rate all that much. But it can improve your rate of getting a girl out on a date.


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