Is the late fall/early winter really the worst time to meet new women?

Blackdragon has a recent post, The 12 Months and How They Relate to Dating and Relationships. In it, he rates November and December poorly:


Dating: 7/10. Another good month for dating, the last one of the year before November hits. Good month to get those last few online or daygame blitzes in.


Dating: 4/10. The first week it’s fair, but around the second week, it drops off into a dead zone where women are pretty much sexually unavailable (unless you’re already seeing them) until January 2nd. They’re either too busy with family and holiday stuff, or they’ve just boyfriend-ed up the nearest beta male so they can enjoy the holidays “with” someone. That means they’re not fucking you.


Dating: 2/10. The worst dead zone for dating and pick-up during the entire year. It’s so bad that after December 15th, you literally shouldn’t even bother, and should instead just wait until January 2nd when play time begins. I never look for new women during the months of November and December (unless something very unusual is going on) and you shouldn’t either.

Now, I personally feel that Blackdragon is too over-the-top with what he considers fact and tends to exaggerate, but I know he’s a data-driven guy, like myself, and he claims this information is compiled from spreadsheets he’s made going back to 2008. That’s five times as long as I’ve been in the game, so in this case I’m willing to listen.

In my case, I’ve been on a 7-week dry spell since early September. The first part of the dry spell is because I was disinterested and oversexed  — I fucked two girls the first day of September, one being an 18-year-old model, the hottest I had ever been with in my life, and then two days later, a girl with 32J tits — but I then moved back to my current hellhole of a city and everything has been dry as dust since.

Interestingly, I went back and looked at my spreadsheet from last year. It appears I had a three month dry spell from August 21 to November 27. I was then in the Dominican Republic for most of December and thus wasn’t picking up new girls in the US, so I can’t really speak to the US during December.

Right now, things seem tough. I’ve collected 16 numbers in the month I’ve been back, and met up with three girls. All dates went nowhere, and most of the numbers flaked. I’ve even had 3-4 of the girls not even respond to the first text after giving me their number from Tinder/Instagram, which is a new one.

This doesn’t bode well for the rest of the year. Time to see if I can break the streak.

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