You can’t be “alpha” over text

Too often I see guys try to be “alpha” or use “asshole Game” over text with girls they either haven’t met, or barely know.

Here’s a example of a particularly bad case, from RooshV Forum:


Here’s an example of a less bad case, from Cobrantula:

Come Thursday I texted the girl in the afternoon to make sure we were still on.  I decided to make her heart race a little.  I wrote:

me: Hey

her: Hey (forty minutes later)

me: About tonight

her: What about it

I knew those words made it sound like I was gonna bail.  I thought that was cool.  Maybe not.

me: bluebird @ 9

her: where is that

me: South Africa

As you can see I went with the Roissy, don’t ever answer a girl’s questions at face value.  She didn’t respond.

Here’s the first problem: any sense of nuance is lost over text. The smirk and self-amused laugh you’d expect to accompany these lines, if you were to deliver them in real life, is nowhere to be found (not even an emoji saves it, in my opinion).

Here’s the second problem: when you’re making plans to meet a girl in real life that you met online, she’s already playing into the societal expectations and rumors that “guys online are creeps and psycopaths” You’re also walking into a pit of hypergamy where girls have literally hundreds of safer options. Hell, it’s a miracle she’s even texting you at all.

Confident? Yes.

Assertive? Sure.

But don’t be an asshole over text.

Note: the further down the path you get with a girl, the more acceptable it is to use asshole game. But only if you have the personality for it. If you start acting like an asshole out of the blue because you’ve been reading the angry 16-year-olds on TheRedPill subreddit, you’re going to set off her congruence alarms and it’s not going to work.

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